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Does your account become unmanageable?

Because you cant *really* delete anything?

10:47 pm on May 17, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I know that google keeps track of everything so that advertisers can't manipulate the system when their ads are underperforming simply by deleting the keywords and starting over. However, I cant stand the fact that everything I do in adwords is permanantly set in stone. Why cant they just keep the data behind the scenes for their own purposes?

Over time, as my account accumulates more and more actions (campaigns, ad groups, keywords) and I "delete" the unused ones, it begins to feel EXTREMELY unorganized and unmanageable. The only solution is to scrap that account and get a new one that is fresh and clean.

But that isnt without its problems.

For example, I wanted to cancel my first account. So I called google and they "cancelled it", but it is not really gone. It is just paused. I can reactivate it at anytime and I can never get rid of the things I did in that account. So, naturally I dont want to keep doing this and end up with 50 "paused" adwords accounts.

I now have opened 5 adwords accounts... the only reason being to start with a clean account that is manageable.

Why has google not yet added the ability to clean up your account? They finally added the ability to delete channels in adsense, but nothing can be done in adwords.

I test many many different campaigns for all sorts of things, and I am always deleting the ones that do not work. This causes my accounts to get cluttered very fast.

Who else feels that it is rediculous that you can never delete an account or delete anything within an account? As I said above, the fact that everything I do on adwords is forever permanant really bothers me.

11:14 pm on May 17, 2005 (gmt 0)

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You should check out this thread [webmasterworld.com]
11:49 pm on May 17, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Thanks for your post in that other thread, BeauCreative. I'll be happy to pass your thoughts along.

BTW, separate from the thread that bnhall linked to, there's also another ongoing thread for not-small-by-definition type suggestions. ;) It's right here:


Regarding your point, I'm guessing that you already know this - but I just wanted to make sure:

Were you aware that (while everything still remains in the database) you can always choose to not see any and all deleted or paused Campaigns and/or Ad Groups, as well as deleted creatives and/or keywords?

At each level of your account, there is a setting to see only active items. If you're not aware of this, and aren't sure where to find the settings, just let me know.


12:42 am on May 18, 2005 (gmt 0)

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My edit button is now gone for the post above, so I'll need a new post for an additional thought:

I wanted to add that really "action-packed" accounts may well offer quicker navigation if all paused and deleted items are in fact 'hidden'.

For the same reason, this can be true if one views shorter 'date ranges' - since a single day's worth of stats represents far less data to pull than 1000 days.



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