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Jumpstart, Initial Caps, and more

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2:21 am on May 10, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I decided to do the $299 Google AdWords JumpStart program with one of my clients, and my initial impression isn't very favorable.

1) One of the ads has a typo ("loose" instead of "lose").
2) None of the proposed ads cover the products that I outlined as critical in our account setup.

And there's one aspect of the proposed ads that I found particularly odd: Initial Caps. e.g., "Get Widgets Today ¦ Widgets In Every Color..."

To me, that looks really amateur. But that's just my personal take. Have any of you heard of stats suggesting that initial-cap'd ads have higher CTRs than regular case'd ads? I'm very tempted to do a little test on this, but won't waste my time (or my client's) if this issue has already been addressed.

Anyway, I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on this stuff!

2:30 am on May 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Google did a complimentary Campaign for one of my larger clients and I was very pleased with what they came up with. I ended up adding several negative terms, finding additional terms and I added more AdGroups but overall I was pleased with what they put together for us.

As I spoke with our Google representative, we touched on the subject of Upper/Lower use in ads and they are taught to set up ads with the first letters capitalized. My personal experience is that the only way to see what will work best is to test variations. I usually start by testing several ads with the first letters capitalized. After I get to a point where I have some ads that are performing well, I start experimenting with upper/lower and with punctuations. I have ads running that make no sense at all with the upper/lower combinations and yet they get the best CTR's. It's just testing, testing, testing.

1:36 pm on May 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

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It depends on your audience and how the ad is written.

For many audiences, the all/multiple caps approach works well (I've heard that some of these sound 'amateurish'. However, I'd rather have ROI & CTR than worry about someone else's opinion). Also, in many worlds you can use bold, italic, or color to highlight a word - that option isn't available in PPC. Therefore you have to use what you can to emphasize your ad/keywords.

However, personal preference is to test 3 scenarios:
1. Capitalizing only the words you want to emphasize.
2. Capitalizing every word.
3. Make it read like a sentence.

Compare these ads:

Test drive the New Widgets.
Located in downtown Chicago.

Test Drive the New Widgets
Located in Downtown Chicago.

Test drive the new Widgets
in downtown Chicago today!

Each person reading this post has a different opinion over which is the 'best' of the above ads. However, each one is trying to accomplish something different.

Ad 1 is only highlighting the new product and the locale. So those words are capitalized to bring emphasis to the words within the ad.

Ad 2 is trying to bring attention to the entire ad by using a lot of Capitols, but is not highlighting anything specific.

Ad 3 read like a sentence (and depending if your in the 'premium position' will look much different than if it's on the side due to the sentence structure), and is more of a 'proper' advertisement.

Depending on the audience and position, anyone of those ads formats might be best for your product. Don't let personal preference get in the way of actual numbers (unless you're part of a 'branding campaign', and have certain regulations set forth by a company).

Test. Test. Test.

Let the numbers dictate your next move.

More about split testing here: