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asp page reading the result of a post data command

i amtrying to find out to read the result of data sent from an asp page to

7:31 pm on Nov 23, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Hi their

i am trying to find out hoe to read the result of data sent from an asp page to another asp page.

so page one posts data form a form and then then reads the information on the page it sends the original data to and then display it.

as for example i type in my credit card details click sned the page posts the data to a page which checks the data i have posted and it if is ok then it displays the information it recieves.



7:39 pm on Nov 23, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Hi Deano,

Its quite simple to post Data from one page to another using ASP. Here is a quick example of how it can be done:

1) Set up your form as normal (naming all your fields
2) Set it to post to the ASP page you wish to display the data on (e.g. DisplayData.asp)
3) Above the HTML tags on DisplayData.asp write the following:

variable1 = Request.form("textfield1")
variable2 = Request.form("textfield2")
variable3 = Request.form("textfield3")
variable4 = Request.form("textfield4")
variable5 = Request.form("textfield5")

etc etc.

Change the varialbe names (i.e. variable1, variable2 etc) to whatever you want. Something like Firstname, Surname etc.

Change the "textfield1", "textfield2" parts to match the names of each text field on your form.

Now, within your actual page (between the body tags) write <%=variable1%>

These should now display exactly what you entered into the form on the previous page.

You can then play around with the layout, font etc.

Let me know if this helps ..... if not, i can try and explain in a little more detail .... or i will even write the code for you as a guide if it helps!


7:51 pm on Nov 23, 2004 (gmt 0)

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HI Webboy1

i think i messed up in the explination.

tyr this i have a page you type your name and credit card details in and click post the page send the data to page2, page2 checks with the system and returns a result that your name exsisted and your creditcard is valid. page1 then see shows your card has been aproved and then moves to page 3 if the card details do not come back approved then it goes bnack to page one and tyou type your details again.

I am trying to find out the asp command for posting data and the retriveing the results of that page so that i can run an if statement from it to see if they go ahead or bnot



8:44 pm on Nov 23, 2004 (gmt 0)

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This page [webmasterworld.com] should get you started.