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what do you use your PDA for?

..or rather 'for what do you use your PDA"

5:19 pm on Apr 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

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I'm lost with my new PDA.

There are too many options and too much software.

I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

So help me out guys and galls, what do you use yours for?

7:24 pm on Apr 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Anything I might otherwise use a Dayrunner type organizer, or other small booklet/scrap of paper for... for starters. :)
(All specific programs mentioned are free or shareware, and I am utterly unaffiliated with all of them, but I have tried them all out in Palm OS 3.5.2 for Handspring, and been happy with them... YMMV)

Currently using my Handspring for the following primary tasks:

  • Checkbook (with MyCheckbook v.5.3.6i)
  • Calendar
  • Phone directory
  • Quick Reference (with custom built databases for ThinkDB)
  • Note pad
  • Password/account info storage (with encrypted, password protected program. Using Lockbox v.1.2, currently.)
  • Calculator
  • General Unit Conversion (with YAUC v.1.2.2c - Yet Another Unit Converter)
  • Boredom relief (with a variety of teeny game programs)
  • Shopping lists (Using ShopList now, thinking of reverting to using Palm OS ToDo list though...)
  • Tracking monthly bills (Using MyBills v.3.0)
  • Figuring restaraunt tips (using Tipster v.2.0)
  • Short essays/reading/reference material (using iSilo v.3.0)
  • Setting timed reminders for myself (using alarm function in DateBook+ and/or Diddlebug v.2.50.b.19)

    Don't worry about the deer-in-headlights syndrome, it will pass. If you download a program you don't end up using, it takes only a moment to delete it. If you find yourself still digging through scraps of paper in your pockets, take note of what is written on them, and find a way to use the Palm for it instead.

    Soon, you'll be hopelessly addicted to the little thing, and MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to HotSync & backup your data DAILY, and leave it in the charging cradle at night, so it never runs out of batteries and you never lose more than an afternoon's info in the event of the unthinkable happening. (I was without mine for THREE DAYS once, while waiting for a warranty replacement to arrive... ::shudder:: )