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My website was copied!

my friend did it too! its messed up!

8:34 pm on Feb 17, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I just learned today that when it comes to money your good friends will stab you in the back. People are so greedy they will put a friendship on the line just so they could make money. My good friends know about some of my websites. I told some of my good friends about adsense and all that and how you can make money. I told them that i get a lot of visitors and doing really good with the website. Told them how much money i make and its pretty much all from Adsense. BIG MISTAKE!

So last night me and my buddies are playing texas holdem at my house when one of my friends says oh come on go all in i know you make good money of your a.com website...then he goes you too GREG, your site b.com is making money now too.

First I was like huh...GREG has a website? since when..so i ask and he was all quiet and mumbled oh my friend does. (we're talking about pretty much the same website as mine) So I rememberd the domain he said and this morning decided to visit it and check it out.

After visiting it i was shocked. My whole website was completly jacked. I mean the whole layout was the same, colors, categories, links..freaken everything. He even uses the same affiliates as me. Even the freaken adsense color theme is the same. I couldnt believe it. I checked who the website is registered to and found out its in his name. I got so pissed that my own friend got so greedy that he would do something like this. All the content, photos are stolen from my site. All the photos are public domain so its not like they're copyrighted by me but still. I know there is going to be competition and i know other will open sites like mine but when you see your own friend totally coping your site it just makes you sick in your stomach. When i called him he ends up saying its his friends site and his friend was banned from adsense so he opened an account for him...blah blah blah.

How messed up is that. One thing i've learned is dont share your sites with friends and NEVER tell anyone how much you make. I'm keeping my mouth shut now. Has anything like this ever happened to you guys? Is there anything i can do to get his site disabled?

5:08 pm on Feb 24, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Telling friends is not a problem, but you have to know who your friends are. I have one friend who I am helping to set up a site to earn affiliate and ad income, but I would also trust my life to him.

You just have to know who your friends are. If you call a person you met 3 months ago a friend then don't tell your friends about your work.

Good luck though.

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