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Dbase IV odbc access from linux

Is there any way to read and write to Dbase IV

3:45 am on Feb 4, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I presently have this crappy windows POS our company uses, it was developed using Borlands DBE. The database files are Dbase IV/V. I have spoke with the software developers of this POS (Piece of S**T) and asked if they would be willing to support ODBC access so that we could integrate our web store database with this product, the definitive answer was "NO!".

My mind wanders thinking, "If only we could have some windows proxy that would make this application think that it is writing to the Borland database engine but in fact would be talking to mysql via ODBC on our LINUX server this would work", alas I know this is a dream. 

Here is my quandary, I need to be have portions of our web store we work with be able to read and write certian fields from out of this database. What little I do know about Xbase type apps kind of scares me with this idea. Transactions are managed by the database, I think. If it is true that the database is handling the transactions, this would cause a problem. If the conduit to the database does not complete the sync of all tables the data would become corrupt. The only solution that I only could see, is having the database handled by some proxy/server.

If I could find a POS (Not Piece of S***), that would do what these crappy windows programs do for the cost per license we pay these windows people, just without the proprietary database solutions, that would run on LINUX we would pay for it (whew, ran outa breath on that one). Per seat license is 300 US dollars.

If I had a choice to get out of this system I would in a heart beat. I would set up a LINUX POS and be done. Pay money and all that.
If anyone knows a solution to the data access or just a "complete" POS that is able to work on LINUX, much would be appreciated.