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installation help

wanna have both win xp and linux os

10:46 am on Oct 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

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hi ppl
Iam a student doing my B.E in I.S ,
i have trouble with Linux installation.
My system has crashed thrice, while installing linux.

Some or the other goes wrong. please tell me in detail abt the space i have to allocate for SWAP and the MOUNT POINT etc.

My problem:
i am using WINDOWS XP , (previously had winxp with drives c,d with 20 gb each , first time i dint know to partition system crashed,2nd time while installing linux with the help of partitin magic , the power went down, and all the data was lost...)

please help me out...
can anybody guide me again...

current os in system:

licensed WINDOWS XP with SP2 ....
VS.NET to be installed in future too...
AIRTEL broadband ADSL modem configured...
NVIDIA VGA installed too....
40gb hard disk and 256mb ram.

while formatting the system now i have divided my system's drive into c,d,e,f with 10gb each.

wanna use D drive for installation of LINUX.

please ppl help me out.
i dont wanna loose any of the data again.


12:15 pm on Oct 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Which distribution of Linux are you wanting to install (I'd recomend Gentoo as it handles all the dependencies automatically)?

If you've already got your partitions set up, one way would be to download a minimal Linux distribution that you can run from Floppy, or one you can run from CD. Also download gento stage3. Untar gentoo stage 3 to your D drive. Then pop your linux CD or floppy in to your CD or floopy drive, restart your pc and boot into your linux CD or floppy, and follow the online gentoo handbook (you may want to print this out so that you can run through it offline) ...when getting to the bootloader part, use lilo as a bootloader (I find it easier to configure) and use your FLOPPY drive for your boot line when setting up lilo... in /etc/lilo/.conf :


should do it. (and pop a nice new floppy into your floppy drive before running lilo). That way, if things go wrong with setting up your Master Boot Record (on the floppy), you won't affect your hard drive's Master boot record, so shouldn't harm your ability to boot into windows (...all you'd need to do would be to remove your floppy and your system would look at your hard drve's MBR and boot normally to windows).

Sorry it's a quick reply but hopefully it'll guide you in some kind of positive direction.

3:49 pm on Oct 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

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hi futuresky

its a nice idea, bt i dont wanna use minimal distribution...
cos i have loads of works with LINUX too.

My requirements :

LINUX: along with the linux os ,i need to install APACHE WEBSERVER , perl devolpment kit, PHP, sqlserver , and evrything related to ren CGO programs.
+ NETSIM/NS2 - network simulator for running computer n/w related progms.
(these cant be acheived with minimal linux , iwud need full version)

and in

winxp-> VS.NET2005 beta, IIS, and many more windows dependent s/w .

so is it possible to install linux now in system , which has winxp already installed.

without loosing any data.

if its risk in the compatibilty issues then please let me know...

3:52 pm on Oct 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

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and evrything related to ren CGO programs.

>>>>>> everything related to run CGI (common gateway interface) programs.

3:44 pm on Oct 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Don't worry, what we'll call the the minimal/initial distribution will just be a starting point (running from your cd, not your hard drive) to get you into a working linux environmnt. Then you'll set up your final gentoo on your D Drive.

I think the best first step is to download knoppix for your minimal/initial distribution (can't give you the url due to this forum's restrictions). Once you've downloaded it, burn the iso to a blank cd.

Also find and download the gentoo stage 3 tarball on the internet, and download that to your hard drive (if your D drive is a fat type that windows can see, put it on your blank D drive).

To find where to download the tarball from, do a search for

Downloading the Stage Tarball gentoo

Then, with your knoppix cd in your drive, restart your pc (hopefuly your bios will check your cd to boot from before your hard drive but if not you can change the order in your bios).

You should then be running Knoppix linux from your cd. You should find your D Drive on your desktop (it may be hda2 or hda5 or something). Click on it to check that you're working with the correct drive (you should see the tarball that you downloaded earlier there).

Go back to your desktop and make the drive writeable by right clicking the drive icon on your desktop and going to properties and then the device tab, and untick the read-only box.

Then, untar the tarball....you now have your starting gentoo installation on your hard drive, which you can add to later with any programs you like ("emerging" (ie installing) stuff is really easy with gentoo compared to other distributions)...firstly however, you'll need to follow the manual (which you should have found by that search above (Downloading the Stage Tarball gentoo)) to get things fully set up and your D Drive bootable.

Dont forget the tip about using a floppy for your boot record when you're setting up lilo.

As long as you don't touch the partition that your windows installation is on, and you don't touch your hard drive's master boot record (using the floppy tip in the paragraph above) you shouldn't affect your ability to boot into your existing windows setup. As with all things however, it's always best to be safe, so if you can backup your windows partition (to DVD(s) maybe, if you've got a DVD writer), it's advisable to do so before any major changes to your PC.

4:46 pm on Oct 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Just a second data point - I've done dual boots numerous times with Windows XP and Mandrake Linux.

Do a fresh install of windows XP first. If you're using an older install, then you've probably got windows files scattered about the partition that you need to resize, thus losing some of your files. So again, start with a fresh install of windows.

Mandrake 10.1 or 10.2/2005 will automatically set up a dual boot during the install. During the install you can resize the windows partition, leaving the remainder for use by mandrake. After you've partitioned the drive, you can select whatever packages you want to install - desktop stuff or server stuff, or whatever - just choose the 'individual package selection'. Finish the install, and you should be good. After you reboot you'll get a menu that lets you pick which OS to boot into.

I've done this quite a few times with no problems.

11:26 pm on Oct 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I'd get a bigger hard drive, too. 10GB for all of that Windows stuff is going to stink, performance-wise.

(BTW, what school are you going to that doesn't include this type of training in their I.S. program? ;) )


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