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Unresolved IP addresses

How many have you got?



5:10 pm on Jan 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

According to my Analog reports, 20% of the IP addresses that visit my sites are unresolved.

Why does this happen and how (in your perfect world) do you think this should work?

And you, how many unresolved addresses have you got?


5:20 pm on Jan 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Unresolved addresses are those which do not have a DNS PTR record associated with them. Usually, when someone has access to the internet, the provider has DNS set up properly to have some generic name, like 67-120-241-193.surfutopia.net. If the IP is not resolved, it just means the PTR record is not there. When I get IPs allocated to my business, I set up reverse delegation of those IPs on my name servers so I have control of the name.

Hope that answers your question.



5:24 pm on Jan 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Why does it happen?

Simple - some IP addresses just don't have a name that they resolve to (like the one I'm posting from right now).

- Tony


7:17 pm on Jan 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Thank you,
Is this DNS setup, kind of a "voluntary" thing?
I mean, is a matter of whether I "want" to set it up or not?
It is not... say, enforced by someone?

I think 20% of unresolved addresses is quite large, don't you think?

Does this means that this percent (the ISPs) don't care if their DNSs are set correctly or could there be another reason?


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