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Traxis SSI

SSI giving error msg



3:58 pm on Mar 14, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I've set up the Traxis scripts fine until the last step, calling the counter script. I used the line:
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/traxis/traxis-counter.cgi?site=altc"-->
but got an error message inserted in the page in the browser:
"[an error occurred while processing this directive]"
Any tips? Do I need to modify the .htaccess file?



8:29 pm on Mar 15, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I notice on this board that people (especially beginners like me) are commonly having problems with getting the Traxis counter script to work. While it seems as if the problem is with SSI, it's more likely a problem with paths and the cgi script itself.

After a full day and a half of work on this script, I finally got it working. Most of my time was wasted tinkering with the SSI tag, which wasn't the main problem. Here were the keys to getting it all to work for me:

* I found a cgi-error file at my server (Hypermart) which listed dozens of error lines all having to do with line 49 of the traxis-counter.cgi, pointing to traxis-global.cgi. My final workaround was to make sure my /data/ directory was writeable, and to comment out the two lines:

#$global_config = $traxis_dir . "traxis-global.cgi";
#require $global_config;

* By looking at the traxis-global.cgi file before deleting it, I realized that my "data path" had to refer to the /cgi-bin/traxis/data/ directory I'd created. I corrected this variable in traxis-counter.cgi.

* The traxis-counter.cgi file that came with the download looked (in Notepad) like a binary, with lots of little square boxes. In Wordpad it was clean but the spaces were weird...so I finally cleaned up the obvious places such as around = signs. I don't really know perl so I don't know how important this step was.

* I shortened the file path in the SSI tag on my webpage as follows:
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/traxis/traxis-counter.cgi?site=altc" -->
Note the space before the final -->. This may or may not be important.

* By uncommenting the "debug" line in traxis-counter.cgi, I could get a display of logging on my page...something was working. The message even told me the hit was logged...but it didn't show up when I tried to generate a report. I then turned it back off.

* Finally I put the last piece of the puzzle in place after discovering a new log file in the main traxis directory. Shouldn't it have gone into the /logs/ directory? I didn't argue: I went into the main site configuration via traxis.cgi, and changed the path to the log files to point to the main directory where the first log file had already appeared.

That's it! Did I really enjoy spending a day and a half finding out and fixing preventable problems? Well, that's the do-it-yourself mentality. The alpha software is free; the cost comes in spending time to make it work. Now, of course, I'm happy...

good luck everyone