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How to analyse 'Top Paths Through Site' in Webtrends

Webtrends "Top Paths Through Site' analysis techniques

9:50 am on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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The "Top Paths Through Site" section of the Webtrends report carries a load of really useful information -

However, I have no idea on how to use the results Webtrends gives, in my analysis - the "Help Card" underneath appears to be written in Urdu, and don't get me started on NetIQ's "support" and FAQs.

Can anyone help me -

for instance, a few of rows from the table might contain the following data (sorry - can't format properly):

1. www.mysite.co.uk/ a% b visits
1. www.mysite.co.uk/page1.htm c% d visits
1. www.mysite.co.uk/page2.htm e% f visits

- What does the number 1. refer to?
- How is the next level of jumps (eg. if I need to know the most popular destinations from 'www.mysite.co.uk/page2.htm' [for instance]) represented?

Ideally - I want to be able to distinguish the most popular routes through the site down to a session-by-session level.

Can anybody help, as there seems to be very little help on learning how to analyse via webtrends, on the web.....

cheers peeps,


6:58 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Do you have any listing like

1. page1.html
2. page2.html
3. yetanotherpage.html

This will describe the path through your site for a certain percentage of users. I believe that if you only have a bunch of 1's, then people are hitting just one page then leaving.

The top of our webtrends report looks like this. ( have omited the % Of Total and Visits numbers )

1. www.domain.com

1. www.domain.com
2. www.domain.com/page1.html

1. www.domain.com
2. www.domain.com/page1.html
3. www.doamin.com/search.html
4. www.domain.com/results.html
5. www.domain.com/product.html

I am NOT an expert on webtrends, but it may also have to do with your version. Further, I am viewing all of my reports via a web interface. Once again, dont know if that makes a difference.