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Ad sizes

are there any "general limits"?

8:22 pm on Mar 31, 2006 (gmt 0)

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The limits that we had implemented on our site were for GIF ads. The guidelines I had set up were 15-20k max file size. Now my reasoning for that was two fold. One, the ad will most likely load every time getting the impressions that the customer pays for, and two it isn't conducive to "over the top" ads that most consider to be annoying.

I have recently introduced however, the use of rich media. I really have no idea what size limit to put on our ads. We have 5 ad sizes:

768 x 90
120 x 600
120 x 240
468 x 60
300 x 250

and quite frankly I've heard a lot from both sides. --

- "Flash starts loading and playing prior to completely finishing the download"

-- "No it doesn't. The impression won't count until the ad is fully loaded -- all frames"

- "Flash movies are vector based and require less file size for the same output as a gif"

-- "Unless the file has images and lot of movement"

And so on .. and so forth.

I have downloaded some good looking ads off of websites, and found that they range anywhere from 25k all the way to 300k. And these are reputable large advertisers. What is acceptable? Is there a general guideline? Are there general guidelines as to how much animation etc? Guidelines as to how graphic intense the ad can be?

I hear a lot from both sides, and as we are just starting the rich media venture, I'd like to have as much input to weigh my decisions as possible!

Any comment is welcome!

-- Zak

3:17 pm on Apr 6, 2006 (gmt 0)

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This is what I would do:

- Design a banner ad without thinking of implementation. EG I want this to appear here then fly over here and flash this up etc. Storyboard it. On paper (it doesnt crash).

- Look at the design and think how much there is of the following categories: movement, imagery (photographic/vector/simple), interaction (stuff moving with mouse etc)

- From that you should get an idea which way you want to implement the banner design (Flash, GIF etc)

- Then, develop the banner in the format that suits it working best. Don't create something in a different format just because it is going to be smaller if that jeapordises the banner's functionality (not meeting the design)

- THEN look at getting the filesize down. Flash compression, gif settings etc.

Hope that is useful.
PS If you end up with a humungous flash banner, you may be able to split up each frame into sub swfs which load into a master swf. You could then make it load progressively. Ask if you want more info on that (I'd probably post in flash section)