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5:39 am on Jan 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Ok, picture this...

You have a new domain with basic hosting and a budget of $100US/month to cover any additional costs.

Assume - you have a good logging program.

You can pick any keywords/industries to try to get into.

Using only the $100 per month, how would you go about generating both short and long-term revenue with the website?

This is to help out the newbies out there. I've done something like this in the past as an experiment but didn't have alot of luck (I'm going to post what I did in my next post). Could those of you with experience post your experiences with very low budgets and wanting to get your site into the high rankings?


5:58 am on Jan 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Alright. $100/month is very small for a marketing/seo budget so you have to be very careful on what you spend it on.

Assuming you've done a keyword analaysis of your target market, your focus should initially be on content. Spend the first week or two doing nothing but getting content onto your site. Make sure you've got something different or unique that sets your site apart from the rest.

Offering something unique is one of the key factors here because a low budget means you're going to want alot of return visitors.

When I did this, I spent the first $300 on link development. I outsourced the linking campaigns to a reliable company where they guranteed 50 inbound recriprocal links each month of PR1-3.

During these three months I did nothing but build content and other features on the site.

After 2 months had past, the site developed a PR of 2. It had a total of 90 recriprocal links. The links weren't super-high quality and their link pages had 80+ outbound links on all of them. But the PR2 of the site was enough.

With the PR2, I cancelled my link deal and spend all my time requesting link exchanges with sites myself. My site had alot of unique content (because I had typed it all from scratch for 2 months) and alot of PR1 sites were more than happy to exchange links.

At the end of the third month my site jumped to PR3 (I managed to get about another 50 inbound links, most of which were PR0 or 1).

The next three months I spent on buying text links on high ranking sites (PR6+). $100/month didn't get much, but it was enough to get a large boost.

At 5 months my site was exchanging links with a large number of sites and I was starting to recieve link requests from sites. My PR was 3 and slowly climbing.

At 7 months I was generating 300 unique visitors/day from the search engines and text links that I bought. It was enough to sell some ad space on the site and generate some additional cash, which I sank back into advertising.

At 9 months I was getting 500 uniques/day and the number was climbing. It now had a 3 advertising spaces on the site and was dumping all the money generated back into advertising/text links.

At 12 months the site was getting 1200 uniques/day and it appeared to level off at that. I was showing up on the 3rd page of Yahoo for most of the keywords, and the 5th page on Google. Most of the traffic came from the advertising I had setup.

But at those 12 months I had managed to start taking money out of the site. I took 25% each month to start paying off the debt I incurred to start the site up, while the remaining amount went back into the site.

After 12 months it was standing at a page rank of 5, but not very good search rankings (that's what I get for trying to get into a popular market lol). I'm sure I could have pushed harder to get better search rankings, but I think I did pretty well.

This was one of my first sites. And while I've done better with other sites, I still think about this site a fair bit since it was my first real success. But by success, I mean I was able to draw about $300/month from it out of the $950ish that it was generating.


5:52 pm on Jan 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hey CanadianChris -- I'm in Victoria.

Interesting approach and progression. I go for organic results and NO paid links and get roughly the same results, perhaps a little less. Some PPC but very limited.

I wonder if the money spent on buying links is worthwhile, or if that is preventing you from getting more organic results?

I stay away from paid links myself because i've seen too many people take a hit for it. That is a personal opinion though.


7:07 am on Jan 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hey there,

I'm down in Vancouver :)

The paid links is more for a link boost than actual advertising. Paying $100/month for 50 PR3 pages with whatever anchor text you want in a related website does wonders for the search rankings.


5:11 pm on Jan 19, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Just a shame you entered such a competitive market, sounds like you had spot on ideas. Did you have opt in email list etc?

(another Canadian Chris *g*)


5:56 pm on Jan 19, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

The site did have an opt-in list, but it wasn't that popular because of the market the site operated in. It was useful for driving a few sales every now and then (only had about 300 people on the list).



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