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Error in Title and Description Accompanies Drop in Ranking

Title and description weirded out.



12:31 pm on May 18, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

hey guys, get this, yesterday i checked a couple keywords for the main site for the company i worked for. normally we rank in the top ten pages for these words. so, for example, say main keywords in (online blah) we also have (smaller relevance) (online boo) and (online whoa)

we always show up numer 1 or 2 for online whoa, but, for online blah (main keyword for site) we have always just been like page 8 or so. well, i have been adding links to our index page. and over the last couple weeks it dropped. then, i check it yesterday, and our index page for the main keyword (online blah) is like page 3. this is where it gets interesting. the listing looked different. the title wasnt the title i had made, but, instead was domainname.com and the title tags were <unexpected error>. weird syntax stuff.

so i looked at the cached version, and it was normal. so only the actual listing in the search engine was goofed, not the cached version of THAT DAY. it seemed like to me, that, maybe google blocks site that get to many inbounds with certain keywords in a period of time, thus blocking our index for a bit. and, i seen our listing on the third page, probably the actual listing position before the block, and somehow google messed up, and displayed our listing. thus showing the messed up title and descrip. with actual correct positioning. this is my take on it, what u guys think...if your more curious ill pm u a link to our site, might only stay a day or so, until google refreshes it.

kamran mohammed

11:40 am on May 19, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

HI BillyGG

Wel ur post was interesting and the result what u have seen also really sounds weired.

But u don't have to worry abt that...now u have actually got the real position for ur keyword.

about ur title showing up as ur domain name..now i want to ask u..r u listed in DMoz.
coz sometime google show Dmoz title and description...

wel need not to worry google is getting weird day by day.....

about that getting lot of backlinks with one keyword...so i want to tell u..one thing..google suspects...a backlink to a website when it has lots of links with same anchor tag from one URL....so i think til the time u r not acquiring lots of links from one website..ur safe and can play hard...




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