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Google & other search engines reaction to redirecting sites

Google & Redirection

5:01 pm on Apr 13, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I have a large website (call it mysite.com) that has a couple of hundred thousand links on google. I am always looking for more ways to increase the traffic to my site to increase my PPC revenues.

I stumbled across an idea, but I am not sure how google will react and don't want to upset my good standing with them.

My idea was to buy expired domains that still have traffic coming to it (call it xyz.com) and are in someway related to the contents of mysite.com and then have xyz.com redirected to mysite.com. how does google feel about redirects? will they penalize me? how about yahoo, msn, and any other search engine? Would it be better to upload an article onto xyz.com with a link to mysite.com?

I'm just not sure how to approach and what is the best way to get traffic to mysite.com using this strategy.

1:37 am on Apr 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Hello magickop. Try these past topics for the answer you are looking for. I do believe you'll want to stay away from the expired domain market. That is just my opinion and does not reflect that of many members here at WebmasterWorld. I do recall there used to be gold in them there hills at one point. Its been panned out. ;)

expired domains google site:www.webmasterworld.com [google.com]

2:50 am on Apr 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

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duplicate content...
Here is a true-life scenario...

I originally wanted a specific ".com" domain name however it was not available. I purchased the ".net" variety and began to build a web site, waiting for the ".com" to become avalable...

During this time I knew nothing about search engine submissions so the site went un-submitted...(8 years ago)

(there is a point to all this...bear with me...) 8-)

All of the back end web issues were handled by the ".net" domain (mail, forms, etc).

I purchased the ".com" domain when it became available, and configured it to point to my current (.net)web site. By this time I was starting to submit my site to everywhere...I decided that the ".com" was what I really wanted and began to submit it...

so far...everything is great...my listings are happening....(I'm on my way to fame and fortune...lol).

My Error: hardcoding a link to my forms so that they were always sent users to the ".net" domain..(my forms only worked if they were submitted from my original ".net" domain name...)(this is before I knew about mods and such)

The Point: When I get indexed as ".com" the SE located my internal link to my form page in the ".net" domain, and began to index the ".net" web site along with the ".com" site...IDENTICAL CONTENT....

My current situation, is as follows:

Google shows ".com" results...If I search for ".net" I show a result....but only if I look for it...Google decided duplicate content fell on the ".com" side...and only shows ".com" results...

Yahoo shows ".net" results...likewise on the search for ".com"..but only diplays ".net" for searches..Yahoo decided that duplicate content fell on the ".net" side

It's deffinately something to consider when linking the 2 or more domain names together. You may not achieve what you're looking for, and you may just kill one of the domains...and you won't have a choice as to which domain gets dropped...

duplicate content from different domain names, kills 1 or more of the domains listings....

Just my 2-cents...


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