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Sometimes Google baffles me

#1 site no where to be found



6:16 am on Feb 18, 2005 (gmt 0)

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A long time along back in the days (I like to call them the good old days) before the Google had the Florida update I had a site ranked #1 for a major key phrase. Then bam Florida hit and the site went to nowhere to be found. Undeterred I decided not to focus on Google and went about building the site the way a good should be built. Quality content and linking building. The site now boasts over 200 pages and MSN shows it as having 1800+ links. It is top20 for all major terms on both Yahoo and MSN. However, today I checked Google and it is no where to be found for its major term (I actually checked all 800+ listings). Also, I did a search for its secondary term which just happens to be its title and URL and still no where to be found. Going further I put in the exact secordary search phrase this time with quotes. This time most of the top 200 sites linked to mine but it was still not to be found.
Now you are probably thinking what I'm thinking that the site is banned. Not the case it is listed with pr4, Google even has most of its pages listed to. This site is squeaky clean and as been around for about 2 years.

So what's up? Sandbox? Filter? Alien abduction? What?


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