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Strange google behaviour - pls help!

For unclear reasons all the site has lost its findability



3:34 am on Feb 18, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I'm new here. I have some practical knowledge of html and positioning, giving me sometimes quite good places in local web searchers, and until recently, for just a few months, also in google.

The story is:

1. I made a web site in its first version, informative rather than good-looking. no graphics.
2. I carefuly adapted the contents for good reading AND approprioate keywords.
3. added url to many web searchers and catalogues, also to google and dmoz.org, etc
Now, my problem concerns only google.
4. after some time the site started to be included in the first 10-20 results for many keywords (also in google, yet)
5. I redesigned the site to make it look better. again, no graphics. text and <head> contents mostly the same, just the layout changed. slight modifications in keywords and description, just to be safer in case of some more rigorous anti-spamming guidelines being introduced (I don't follow them on, say, monthly basis). none of these changes considerably affected the results for other searchers.
Again, the web site is in html only. compatible with opera , firebird, netscape, explorers 4up. quite a lot of text on them - not just blank pages. most keywords do appear in the description and in the page contents. I use no spamming techniques - the keywords are not persistently repeated (no more than 4 times, usually less), no too long description or title, not too many keywords. all the pages have diversified description, contents, keywords, titles. there are currently 9 pages on the site. all the links between them are active - no 404 errors

Apparently, about the time when google reindexed the site, all the pages got terribly depositioned.


-none of the so far "catching" keywords evokes my page in google results

-related:<the main site address> finds nothing, even the subpages

-site:<url address> finds the indexed pages, so they are NOT banned, are they?

among the google results are the entries of my site in catalogues like dmoz, etc
link:<my url address> does not find anything

What could be the reason, please help, cause I have run out of ideas :(
Here's what has come to my mind so far:

1. Could this be due to the absence of <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> in the codes of the second version of the site?

2. or because of using css styles, which I did in v.2, unlike in version one

3. is there a possibility that the site pages were sabotaged spammingly added to google many times by some competitor or some web positioning firm?
maybe I could have spammed by myself; I added every page separately ( some searchers don't scan the whole domain, so I thought it was necessary here, too) -

4. what about compressing the html - may it result in destroyed positioning? the compressing was done with trial "web position 3" which removed unnecessary spaces and but did not affect the look of the pages at all

5. maybe if the menu is not diversified, meaning that the page index.html has an active link to itself in the menu, etc, could be the reason...
but I doubt it. It was the same with the previous version.

6. the first six words on the page layout are the same - it's the name of the company and the motto. as I said, also the menu is the same, and bottombar, but the pages do contain unique text - up to 408 words on 1 page. Noo, ha?

7. maybe google recently changed the rules? (the last indexing date is 16 Feb 2005)

sorry in case my questions look naive, but as I said, I know only enough to ask - not to make a selection of wise questions.

But I have amateurishly but successfully positioned pages for 5 years, and it is only google which has caused such dramatic problems so far.

I do hope you can help me.

Thank you