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Is this the only real game left in town now?

7:47 pm on Dec 8, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I have a website of 150 pages devoted to Martian Widgets.
It does quite well in the serps for my principal keyphrase: #7
A website devoted mainly to Martian Everything else, and with only one page on Widgets, is above my index page in the serps. Yet the page has only 2 lines of text, mentions the keyphrase once, and announces a list of Martian Widgets will be added soon (now 2 years ago!)
My site has a PR for the index page of 4, the other site a PR of 5.
It seems madness that Google really thinks a non content page is more important than 150 devoted to the subject.

Does this mean we have to come to terms with the fact that CONTENT IS ONLY IMPORTANT IF IT ATTRACTS NATURAL INWARD LINKS? Now what do you think about this?.

The other day I couldn't work out how a 3.5 year old website with one owner working from home had suddenly been propelled to the #1 slot for Martian Crumbly Dust, and this being in an intensely competitive inter galactic market for Crumbly Dust.
So I examined his backlinks. Phew! over 15,000 - not bad going in three years I thought naively,especially since the bulk were inward links!
One link barely visible on the site gave the game away.
His Martian Dust was really Earthly Dust repackaged, and ED was produced by a big International player with affiliates. He was an affiliate in disguise.
But, then the whole affair became really interesting because the majority of the sites linking in were not genuine sites but puff ones set up for the express purpose of generating inward links.
It took me quite a time to work out how it had been done - but then I'm a slow old country boy - and the links had some unlikely anchor texts leading to guess what?Yes! a Martian Business Directory.
Sometimes the links were lined up along the bottom of the page, other times incorporated in the menu.
Is this the way we are all headed?
Pay a chunk of dollars to a seo firm which has thousands of duff sites and duff pages, all with other peoples products or services (with links to the REAL site of course so the punters don't blow the whistle).

You're all laughing your heads off - or perhaps bored stiff. These old country boys ther're just not up to speed. Must be the turnips.

Seriously, has Google quite unintentionally given the floor to the big boys who can buy thousands of links with their petty cash and stiff the rest of us?
What do we do?