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Googlebot confused with my site?



6:31 pm on Nov 29, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I have a site that had been in Google and ranked well for approximately two years. Then near the end of May, all of my page titles and descriptions dissappeared. They have been gone since and I'm no longer placed well in the SERPS as a result.

Doing a "site:mydomain.com" on Google results in 31,400 pages being returned.

I did some looking around for reasons as to why my site might have dropped and I found that maybe my server was down while Googlebot was crawling it, but this was not the case.

The site is structured with numerous subdomains. The strange part is that at one point in the last six months, a search in Google for "www.mydomain.com" returned "subdomain1.mydomain.com" as the result.

I believe that Googlebot has confused "subdomain1.mydomain.com" as my homepage "www.mydomain.com".

The worst part is "subdomain1.mydomain.com" is a garbage URL that someone miss-linked to me.

My code previously routed any bogus subdomain, example "bogus.mydomain.com" to the homepage "www.mydomain.com". I changed the code to just 404 on a bogus subdomain once the strange behavior began.

I checked my logs and Googlebot seems to hit my site daily still. It scores valid hits many times and 404 on bogus subdomains.

I'm using PHP on apache to route the domains and subdomains:

if ($_SERVER["http_host"] == "domain.com") $_SERVER["http_host"] == "www.domain.com")
// URL is www
// URL is a subdomain
// check if subdomain is valid against a list
if (InDatabase($subdomain))
// load subdomain index page
// 404

Anyone have any clue as to what is going on and how I might be able to fix it? Any help, advice, or info would be greatly appreciated!


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