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Phone Numbered Domain Names

1800Hot4Reh.xxx Help in Branding?

5:55 pm on Apr 22, 2002 (gmt 0)

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We've all found that most of the domain names are taken that are catchy and easy to remember, often also finding our company name or description is already taken (ie: mac security).

The alternative and easy to remember way is using your telephone number as the dot com itself.

On the radio you often hear companies giving out their telephone numbers spelling out things, a car wash company could have the number 1-800-Car-Wash (heh if its not taken I want first dibs!) But their company name 'Car Wash' is taken and anything like it is also gone.

I've seen companies brand their number to their domain name, with radio and tv advertisement I think this gives the viewers more of a rememberence of what it is. If I want to print out digital coupons that were advertised on the air I could goto 1800CarWash.xxx easy to remember since its also their telephone number.

Is this a viable solution for companies who have toll free numbers to advertise with? Has anyone used this method of domain name structuring for themselves or their clients?

6:18 pm on Apr 22, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Yes, this is very viable. In fact it is used all the time. 1800flowsers.com I believe is the ultimate example of this. People call to order flowers, well if they have a computer they can add a .com and do it online. Very simple, very slick.

The company I worked for last year was rather large, while at that company I went out and approached the owner of the 800 number which matched our company name. We ended up buying it for several thousand dollars. We then went out and kicked the cyber squatter off the 1800<ourcompanyname>.com.

I have done lots of marketing using the radio. I recommend your set a new domain name for each series of radio announcements so you can judge the response. Tell the listener to take advantage of the special offer they will need to visit domain24.com. This way you can judge the impact your advertisement makes. You can see examples of this on TV and the Radio right now. Watch a Dell commercial. They advertise myDell.com or buyDell.com, or whatever but not Dell.com.

3:20 am on May 4, 2002 (gmt 0)

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I would like to know if there was a reliable service out there that full or semi automatically lets you seek the name within domestic and international 8** numbers plus combinations of different domains???
Many thanks for letting me know, we just create a new business line to be independent from us as a goal and would like to set them up that way.