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Previous owner wants domain back

5:20 am on Sep 11, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hey guys and gals,

What would you do in this situation.

Backstory: I bought an expired .com domain because it is a catchy name (one syllable misspelling of a popular word). I was soon contacted by a company that owns the .net and .org and they explained that they had let it expire by mistake and that they wanted to buy it back. I offered to sell it for $500.00 and they wrote back with the following:

We don't look to highly on capitalist. So we are going to offer you $75 for OUR domain back. anything more is extortion in our eyes. And to put it mildly we will not tolerate it. As much as dot com is a part of our marketing strategy.we can not afforded to pay out $500 as a small company. We will move on to our next plan. This is not a negotiation. writing back telling me you want $100 or $200 will not be accepted ether. $75 is our buy out price.If I don't here from you with in 10 days of this e-mail........We are no longer interested in Dot Com
Thank You for your time

How would you guys handle this? I don't really expect anyone else to offer $500.00, but this guy is totally "low balling" me.

10:04 pm on Nov 15, 2001 (gmt 0)

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hey all,

Just thought I would entertain you with another (domain sale) response I received recently. Some of these folks are really worked up and think they have clue...lol

Backstory: I own the one word .com version of a person's first name and I emailed the person that owns the .net to see if they wanted it. This is how they responded:

Hi Hunter,
I don't have much respect for name squatters. I put them
down in the same level as bug puss. Talk about terrorist...
Steal someone's name.com and try to sell it back for profit.
What a lowlife..

Anyway, Name.net is a better sounding name. I can register
names all day long for $13 at _.com. So whatcha
askin? Even though I'm not interested.




Thanks for the assumptions and the kind comments. What a wonderful world it will be if we all make assumptions about people that we don't know and insult them in the process. As far as:

>Steal someone's name.com

Sorry, you never owned it...hardly stealing.

>I can register names all day long for $13 at _.com

Your paying too much...that's unfortunate.

>So whatcha askin?

Sorry, I have no desire to do business with you.
Take care,

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