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Domain PPC Lander: Anyone see the latest BuyDomains/YesDirect landers?

They just fooled me! The latest rendition is the future.



5:20 pm on Feb 15, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Domain landers are increasingly have the "look and feel" of something real, not just a crummy generic link splash page.

What got me was the page just did not have that lander look and feel. It looked like the entry page to a professionally crafted site.

The array of links were diverse, not just the same links top and side: 7 top, 18 "left navigation".

A large, professional "on domain topic" image was placed top and central to the lander.

The search box was prominent.

On the right side of the lander page was what appeared to be "an article" introductory paragraph . . and by golly, it really did lead to an article!

On the article page were lots of related PPC links next to the article AND links to other articles. Not that much different - in substance - than your ubiquitous and run of the mill made-for-Adsence website, which aren't all that bad if they actually have some content of some small measure of intelligence.

Brilliant, just plain old fashioned brilliant execution of a domain traffic monetization strategy.

Say good-bye to the days of ugle, scary, off domain topic, plain Jane, generic, irrelevant, cheesey looking landers.

A tip of the hat to YesDirect. The next step in the evolution of domain PPC landers has arrived.

You can find out what they look like simply by determining what domains BuyDom has for sale, which isn't that hard to do.*

CAVEAT EMPTOR: YesDirect insists on keeping BuyDoms pop-up system in operation, a MAJOR strategic error in my analysis. ANYTHING that generates a NEGATIVE response to direct navigation is just plain dumb, as you end up deterring the very behaviour you wish to encourage by improving the appearance and function of the landers. What is more annoying than multiple explosive pops ups? The added percentage of revenue from pop-ups IMHO ought to be surrendered in favor of a more favorable public pereception - and acceptance - of direct navigation. C'mon guys and gals at YesDirect: Do something with a long view to encouraging direct navigation: KILL THE POP-UPS.

(And yes, they're been tweaking their landers for awhile, but the latest is clearly the best - by far. )


10:30 am on Feb 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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They are ok but I would struggle to decribe them as brilliant. The use of a good image is always compelling.


7:37 pm on Feb 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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The "brilliance" of their current system is that someone - I mean someone finally - has done with landers what was technically possible for . . how long . . . years . .?

For years - and even now - I see landers that are utter junk. Some look like they were designed by a MS Frontpage beginner.

Across the board they are improving the look and function but it's been a strangely drawn out process. Millions of domains to play with and - until recently - only a handful of versions of landers.

What BD is now offering is as slick as I've seen and an indication of where landers are headed = mini-portals, directory landers that all users to drill deeper for high value and higher conversion clickthroughs, etc. Anything.com has done a decent job in upgrading the appearance of landers (clean look, images, simple nav - doesn't "look like (old) lander"). Others are following their lead. What boggles my mind a bit is the look of the Marchex landers. Maybe they're playing with some, but I haven't noticed it. I'd set a few team members to play with some mid-traffic domains.

Ultimately, I speculate that the PPC player to allows the greatest degree of domainer creativity in crafting landers will win the race. Allow multiple versions of landers, let the domainers play, study the stats (the domainers assume some risk and know it) and use the stats to recommend strategies to other members or use the stats as the basis of generating further landing page options.

Such a slow industry to change. So much possiblity.


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