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Moving from shared to dedicated SQL space

What sort of performance increase can I expect?

9:22 pm on Apr 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Hi all,

Can anybody shed some light on whether I can expect any performance increases if I moved an SQL database from a shared DB server to a dedicated DB server?

I use an SQL database that's currently hosted on a machine with 400 other databases. I have no idea of the specs of that machine, but I would have thought they would be quite high.

Currently, the response time to queries seems to get slower and slower as the day progresses, and I'm trying to determine if I would see a performance increase if I had my own DB server machine.

I imagine that the database queries take longer to execute as the day progresses as the websites accessing the DB's on the server are getting busier, so the server has more work to do.

I know there are about 400 DB's on the current machine, but I have no idea of how the memory allocation on that server works. If the machine has 16gig's of ram for example, is each database allocated a percentage of that RAM that it can use, or does each database have the ability to use as much RAM it needs, or is there an upper limit on the amount of RAM a single database can use at one time, or are these kind of configurations all specific to how the admin has set the machine up?

The server I was looking at renting has twin 2.4 Xeons, 2G ram, RAID 5 disks etc.

If I was to have this server and put just my own single SQL database on it and nothing else (no websites etc), I assume that my database would have nearly the whole 2 gigs of Ram at it's disposal all the time.
In which case, do you think my queries would execute faster than they do currently on the shared server, even though the shared server has X amount more RAM that I'd have on my own server?

I know these questions may not be answerable due to not knowing the specs of the current shared machine, but has anyone made a similar move and noticed a performance increase?

Any input or advice is very much appreciated.

11:37 pm on Apr 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

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It does depend on the specs of the shared one, and also who those other 400 users are.

As you pointed out a sql server that they are using for hundreds of users will normally be pretty high spec, but if you are noticing speed problems during peak times they have likely oversold the service by a little too much.

As for the specs on the server you where looking at - it depends on the queries you are doing but as a dedicated sql server for one site i should immagine thats more than enough for most sites - unless you are running google :-D