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How to sell E books automatically?

How to automate downloads after purchase

9:33 am on Jun 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I have a book that I want to market on a web site. How can I make it so that customers can download my book automatically after they purchase it with out having to email me (which is how I operate now)? Do I need to learn a programming language or is there some software that will automate this for me?


9:50 am on June 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

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You can study asp.net or perl, then you would need to learn how to integrate a payment system,,,

unless you,,

enjoy web application design,

wanna do web application design for a living

Are already expert in programming languages,,,

you might be better off looking for an ecommerce package( ask the makers if it deals with ebooks

or join an afiliate powered network, off which there are several, i cannot name any off them here


12:48 pm on June 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Take a look at SWREG

It does what you want. We have been using them to supply e-books for years.


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9:35 pm on July 1, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Digital Vault is integrated with PayPal so once the payment is verified it then sends the ebook to the purchaser. It is totally automatic.
12:01 am on July 5, 2006 (gmt 0)

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ShopSite Pro has built-in digital download support.


1:29 am on July 5, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Guys I asked the same question a few hours ago, the real fact is how can I put a code in a web page that allows the buyer after purchase to click and is then prompted for a download.
That is the real question in the matter.
2 Check Out and Paypal operates this way, they process the card and then sends you to the page its the code thats key.

Plus How important is it to have this page very dynamic say the page is [/www.widget.com/thank_you_for_your_purchase.asp...] After the pertson makes one purchase he can copy the URL send it to his friends and they will just download away, how can I prevent this from happening really.....

2:43 am on July 5, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Ok ladies and gents here it is I got this off another website Acekicker I have not tried it yet but I definately think that this can work.
Allow Others to Download Files From Your Site
Perhaps you want people to be able to download programs and/or files from your web site to store on their PC. The best way to do this is to zip up the file to keep it from taking up as much room and then save the zipped file to your web server.
You can use a program called Winzip to accomplish this. Below you'll find a small tutorial of how to zip up the file(s) so they are ready for others to download to their own computers.

First you need to download (if you haven't already) a copy of the free (evaluation) version of Winzip. Click here to download it and return to this page once you're done.

Before you install, the program will ask you if you want the program to start with Winzip Wizard or Winzip Classic. Choose Winzip Classic.

After the program has been successfully installed, follow these steps:

1) Start Winzip

2) From the menu, choose "File" and then select "New Archive".

3) A map of your hard drive will appear, and you are asked to give the zip file a name. Before you give it a name make sure you pay attention to where (what folder) you are getting ready to save this file in. You'll need to locate it later.

Remember this zipped file you are getting ready to create will contain all the files you want people to be able to download. This is the file that gets saved to your web server.

So navigate to the folder where you want the zip file to be saved and name it whatever you want.

For example purposes, let's call it test.zip (You don't need to include the .zip part in the filename. Winzip will automatically add it).

4) Hit OK

5) Next, the map of your hard drive will appear again. Now you want to locate the file(s) you want to zip up and be placed inside the file you just named in step 3. This is where you choose the file(s) you want people to download. Once you find it, select it and click "Add". If you have more than one file to select, hold down the control key and select all the files and then click Add.

6) You will now be taken back to Winzip's home screen and you should see the file(s) you want to zip up in the window.

7) Select the file(s). If you have more than one, go to the menu and choose "Actions" and then "Select All". Or just hold down control and click all the files.

8) Once all the files are selected, go to the menu and choose "Actions" and then "Make .EXE file".

9) A pop-up menu will come up thanking you and reminding you to register. Just hit OK (you don't have to register).

10) Another pop-up window will come up and ask you to "Create a self-extracting zip file from...." You should see the name of the zip file that you created in Step 3.

11) Right below that you will see a blank that says "Default 'Unzip To' Folder". This is the name of the folder that the files will automatically extract (unzip) to when people download the files from your site. If that folder does not exist on the person's PC, Winzip will create it for them. If you leave this blank, it will automatically go in their TEMP folder. It is highly recommended that you list something here. Try to give it a name similar to the filename so the person will recognize it when they look for the folder on their PC months from now.

For example, if the file you're uploading is a resume, name the folder "resume" and in this blank you'll enter c:\resume.

Hit OK.

12) Now the program will ask you if you want to test the file you just zipped up. Say "Yes" and Winzip will run through the unzipping process. This is the same process the user that has just downloaded your file(s) will see.

13) Next the pop-up box will tell you where the file is unzipping from. This will be the same location you selected in step 3.

14) Select "Unzip" and the program should say "1 file unzipped successfully" (or if you had more than one file it will tell you how many were successful). On your hard drive, there should have been a folder created called "resume" (or whatever you chose in Step 11) and the files should be sitting there unzipped.

15) Now you're ready to take the zipped file (the file with all your files inside) and upload it to your server so people can download.

16) Go to Windows Explorer and locate the zip file that you created in step 3. So if you named it test, you should see a file called test.zip. This is the file that contains all of your files inside that people will download. If you want to test it again, just double click on the zip file and Winzip should extract the files to the folder you specified in step 11.

17) Now you need to upload this zip file to your server. I recommend using WSFTP. Or if your site is not compatible with WSFTP, then ask your web hoster how they recommend you upload the file. If you're using WSFTP, make sure you set it to Binary instead of ASCII before you transfer it. If you upload it in ASCII format, it will not display properly on people's PCs.

18) After you've uploaded the file, you're ready to point people to the link so they can download the zip file.

19) So let's say you uploaded test.zip to a folder called "job" in your domain name that is called "marysjobsite.com" then the link you will use to point to the download will be something like [marysjobsite.com...] When people visit that link it will immediately start the download process.

20) After they download it the unzipping program will unzip the file to the folder that you specified in step 11 on their hard drive. Again, if the folder does not exist their PC will create it for them. You may even want to tell the people before they download where the file will be saved just in case they're not familiar with unzipping. Again this is the folder you chose in Step 11.

It's also important to note that some people may not have unzipping utilities on their PCs. So you may want to provide a link to winzip.com just in case. These days, most people already have Winzip or some similar utility.

8:08 am on July 5, 2006 (gmt 0)

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ZenCart, CRE Loaded, WordPress, VirtueMart, etc, etc, are all free shopping carts with free downloadable product modules.
9:16 am on July 6, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Wow! That's a valuable input misteroriginal. Will definitely check on these.

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