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RedHat Akopia Interchange vs. osCommerce

osCommerce easy / RedHat a pain but better?

7:56 pm on Apr 29, 2002 (gmt 0)

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There are already some posts here about each of these:

RedHat interchange ... I gave up [webmasterworld.com]
Shopping cart systems... interchange [webmasterworld.com]
(a word of advice.... don't even TRY to set up interchange on a virtual server (I made this mistake ... even if your host wants to be helpful you will have problems) if you want to use this do a search on google for 'interchange web host' or something like that and find someone who supports this ... I think I found one that looks OK at least, sticky mail me if you're interested)
E-Commerce Software [webmasterworld.com]
PHP links to HTML links in OsCommerce [webmasterworld.com]

However, I wanted to start a post comparing the two directly and getting feedback on either your impressions or experiences regarding them. Here is a post that I put up on one of the RedHat Akopia Interchange forums:
A comparison of osCommerce and Interchange + A plea for suggestions.

Regarding set up of Interchange. I can program in perl on *nix machines, etc...
but even so I couldn't set up Interchange on a hosted account for the life of me.
There were way too many problems with necessary packages, non-root access, etc ...
one host was completely unwilling to do anything (a very popular host by the way)
to help. Another host was willing to help, but even so we couldn't get it to work.
(I'm sure you all know this... but hear me out)
osCommerce 2.2 is a development version, but it was *easy* to install. Even though
there is little to no documentation, anyone with some programming
experience can figure out a whole lot about the package just by looking at the
source code. I had *no* problems setting it up ... it is written in PHP
and does not have dependencies on perl packages, etc. So if you can't afford a
server with root access I recommend using osCommerce
or going with a web host which offers Interchange with the hosting package.
So, to me it seems we all have 3 options:
1) Get a dedicated server, do whatever you want.
2) Get osCommerce and host it wherever you want.
3) Get an account with someone who offers Interchange setup.
I am about to start a new project and so I would like peoples opinions, as well as
possibly recommendations
for specific hosts. Here are some considerations:
1) osCommerce 2.2 has many more features now then it did and most people say that
certain cvs snapshots are more stable than the release versions
2) I don't want to move to a bad host that just happens to offer Interchange... I
would obviously like a quality host in general also.
3) I want SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY URLS ... is this a function in interchange... I
know how to use .htaccess but getting interchange to spit out the modified URLs is
my concern.
4) Whatever the final situation, it should be possible to highly modify the
package to fit specific needs (assuming one has intermediate skill...)

And also, for clarity I put

BTW, here is an elaboration of what I meant by 'search engine friendly URLs'
Instead of
I want
I know how to implement mod_rewrite, but I *don't* know if redhat
interchange is capable of changing all of it's links to look this way.

[this is possible in osCommerce by the way ... with some tweaking]

The short of it is, osCommerce is easier ... but I get the impression that Interchange is better. I assume Interchange will be very difficult to modify, seeing as installing it is such a bear.

At this point I have cut it down to two options:
1) Go with a hosting company that supports osCommerce and has osCommerce developers that can work with me on mods, etc.
2) Go with a hosting company that supports Interchange - level of support unknown.

What do you think (opinions appreciated)?

[google.com ]
[google.com ]
[google.com ]
[google.com ]
Interchange mail archive search [interchange.redhat.com]

See also:
(external link)TEP compared to Interchange? [oscommerce.com]
(external link) A post from someone who defected from interchange to oscommerce [interchange.redhat.com]

12:43 am on Apr 30, 2002 (gmt 0)

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OK, in Interchange's nice administrative interface I see:
Administration > Preferences > Static Pages
So this functionality presumably exists... I'll keep digging.
6:14 am on Apr 30, 2002 (gmt 0)

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I just found a host who offers a dedicated RedHat server with root access, 6 Gigs space, Akopia Interchange... for about USD 100/month This changes things a bit, I'm leaning towards the dedicated server option now :) Sticky mail me for the link if you're interested in having a look too.

[Edited for clarity... I have too many numbered points in the above posts!]

6:15 pm on May 2, 2002 (gmt 0)

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I have used both carts for about a year. Interchange on a shared server without root access (just so you know it is possible). The reason that I used interchange was it's ability to manage inventory for each product option. I have not seen other carts doing that. Anyway, MCHOST decided to shot my site down because it took too many resources. I went to a private server on OLM but decided to rebuilt that site in OSCommerse. OSCommerce is a great cart and have everything I need, except for the option inventory. Interchange was really difficult to get installed and also hard to keep the daemon running. I had a cron job checking on it each few minutes.
Try and search for hosting in the Interchange forum at Redhat. I remember seeing some offering special Interchange hosting on shared servers with only few users on each server to avoid the overload.