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Multi-Page Forms and ASP

How to get form to post, then redirect to another form.



1:10 am on Sep 20, 2000 (gmt 0)

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An apparent FrontPage shortcoming maybe, i dunno. I have a website with an employment form that needs to go to another forms page after submitting the first form. It doesn't want to do that for me.

Giving the URL's might be easier to comprehend my mess.

First Form: http://www.topguardinc.com/employment_opportunities.htm

Supposed to go to Second Form when submitted:

But instead, goes straight to Thank You Confirmation Page, which is where the second form is supposed to go after submission:

Want the first form to go to, and stop at, the second form after submission. The results of the first form will go to email address and text database. However, the second forms results are Affirmative Action data that will be saved to a text database only. By law, the interviewer, or recipient of the employment application, has no business seeing the results of the Affirmative Action form. However, since both are part of the hiring process, they go together for the site.

The form data email results also come through for both forms. Of course, the form results for the second form are blank. In other words, pressing the submit button for the first form also submits the second form automatically.

I'm thinking there has to be a small code somewhere that will resolve this. Would appreciate any feedback on this:-)

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8:19 am on Sept 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Hi jgervais; I asked around and we have no ASP experts here. Everyone close is Apache users and most have stayed away from front page extensions. We win some...we lose some. sorry we couldn't help you on this one.
9:21 am on Sept 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Because you're running on an NT box, you should be able to use ASP to help you here.

If I'm understanding correctly, you want the results of both forms written to email/text file etc once the Affirmative Action form has been completed.

The first thing is to ensure that the Frontpage component runs from the Affirmative Action form only. Take it off the first page and change the action to a POST to a file named "affirmative_action.asp". Also change the actual file name of "affirmative_action.htm" to "affirmative_action.asp".

In "affirmative_action.asp" place the following code within your form tags:

<input type="hidden" name="field1" value="<% =request.form("field1") %>">

Replace field1 with the actual field name from your first form. Repeat this line for every field that you are taking over from the first form.

When you now process the second form, these extra lines should be passed through as "hidden" values. They will not display on the screen that the user sees, although they will be visible if you were to view the source of the page.


1:50 pm on Sept 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Hi David,

Well, I think ASP will work except I'm wondering if the results are viewed as they should be. It's pretty important that the results of both forms be separate from each other. The results of the first form, the employment application, will go to an interviewer's or human resources email box. The application's results will also go to a text file called employment_form.txt.

The interviewer, however cannot see the results of the Affirmative Action (AA) form by federal law so the results from that form must go to a separate .txt file called affirmative_action.txt that is imported to an access database and sent to the government for Affirmative Action reporting. There would be no emailed results to anyone with this form. This method is to make sure that the interviewer is not using this info to influence his/her hiring decision by race, creed, etc..., so has no business seeing it.
If a potential employee was to walk through their door, he would be handed an application and the AA form to fill out. The application would go to the HR dept. and they would file the AA form in a folder that no one would see but the gov't when it gets sent in. Trying to establish this same procedure for the web for them.

I'm thinking that the method you suggested would hide the results of the first form into the second, and when submitted the interviewer would see all of the results from both forms. Am I right in thinking this? If so, have any suggestion for the results I need:-)

Hey, David, the advice you already gave is great and sure it will be handy for other applications. For instance, if I'm thinking right, the method you suggested would be great for modifying the employment application itself by breaking it into smaller pages and be able to continue through saving the entire application's data in the process, correct? Look forward to your response:-)

7:44 pm on Sept 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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> For instance, if ..... breaking it into smaller pages and be able to continue through saving the entire application's data in the process, correct?

Yes. :)

I had a feeling I was missing something when I posted earlier. Although you probably could achieve it with Server Extensions, it would be neater solution to handle it server side (ASP).

You have a couple of options re storage, either by email or as text. (It's also possible to store them directly into an Access/SQL database.)

For storing into a text file, this is all included with ASP and it's not too difficult to get it working. For email, your ISP should be providing a mail component (probably JMail or ASPMail) which will enable you to send email directly from an ASP script - just as easy. Rather than clog the thread up with code, I've dropped you a note by email. I've got a few live examples and you should be able to modify it to get it working for you.

The other issue to address with this sort of application is exactly when you action the email/text entry. If you want to carry the results through to the end and then run everything through, then the technique above is the easiest way to port the data between forms. This is useful where you don't want part responses when people might have aborted half way through.