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A day in a Webmasters World

How do you fill your day?

11:37 am on Dec 17, 2001 (gmt 0)

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A day in a Webmasters World

How do you webmasters fill your day?

My morning in the office starts with...

1. Check if inbox gave an increase in website related business requests. Do not answer them but instead try to improve your website to generate even more business requests.

2. Hope there is an email from ODP accepting you as an editor.

3. Check Webtrends on statistics. Who spidered and what are the search phrases? Any links from unknown sites? Be amazed but also shiver at the impact Google is making (all the eggs in one basket - where are you Wisenut and Teoma).

4. Check the major Forums "recent posts". Refresh the page hoping for more tips - and the impossible - an update of the AltaVista index.

5. Check search-engine newsgroup

6. See if Google thinks your still "fresh": that is according to google one in a thousand of the best sites. Congratulate yourself.

7. Check the number of results in google when typing in your plain company name (tends to vary inbetween google updates)

8. Is your pagerank still what it was (to low)-generally checked on another pc - because your scared Google will do something with your info.

9. Are your google addwords still costing you about half a dollar a click?

10. Overture, see if bids are not to high or need up-bidding. See if some keyphrase is emptying your account.

11. Check statisitics on Inktomi and ponder on the effectivity of submitting some more pages.

12. Redesign parts of your homepage incorporating all the ideas you dreamed about in the shower and in the car. Create some new pages.

13. Look for sites with which you can do some reciprocal link exchange.

14. Check for new directory's for listing your homepage.

15. Check how your competitors are doing on several search engines.

16. Is MSN still difficult to master? When is Bill Gates going to buy Teoma/Wisenut or going to want to be the best search engine?

17. Send out some emails (purchased and retrieved from the web)promoting your "new redesigned homepage" with lots of links to several of your pages.

18. Press refresh on the Webmaster world recent topics page..

Time to go home....and repeat the above..


2:13 pm on Dec 17, 2001 (gmt 0)

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My so-called average webmaster day...

check email
delete lots of junk
respond to good emails
take a look at the site
open program and type stats
then type NEWS
then type community events
then obits
look for new FREE features
add them
or delete them
check wmw
look for recip links
email other webmaster and see about ads and links
check more email
submit to search engines
take a look at other rankings
read newsletters
submit to more searches
look at other common-ground pages
check wmw again and again
check email again and again
edit text and photos
add content and text
check email - newsletters - wbw
link popularity, etc

11:53 am on Dec 18, 2001 (gmt 0)

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i'm a single dad of 2 working from home, and this is a typical day at this time of year.

7am, up with kids, check email, feed kids and get them ready for school, squeeze in a quick reply or 2 to emails

8.40am rush kids off to school

9am, back from the school, sit down to do the books and the tax return

9.05am changed mind - better check email before i do the books

10am no more email so go back to books

10.05am suddenly remember i'd better check webmasterworld

11am back to the books

11.05am early lunch break

12.00 the books, the books, the books

12.05pm check emails again

12.30pm chat with client

1.00pm books again

1.05pm do a little bit of work

1.30pm must do the books, i must i must i must

1.31pm consider employing someone to do the books for me. search google.

1.45pm no, i must do the books, no time to mess about

2.00pm still not touched the books .... will do them tonight

2.05pm bash out a script for a client

2.30pm check email

2.40pm order arrives. mad rush to fulfill order before leaving to collect kids from school

2.55pm rush to school to get kids

3.30pm back from school. spend time with kids

8pm kids in bed. must do the books.

8.05pm tired. books can wait till the morning. back to webmasterworld and check email

9.30pm back to the books .... cant leave them till morning .... need to get the tax return in as soon as possible ...

9.35pm developed serious hatred of paperwork ... books in bin

and so on until bedtime at 2am ....


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