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What's a virus

are you ill or something

7:29 am on Dec 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I'm struggling with bringing the words out on this one.

Got hit by a virus, which after a full scan of all the computers, was more in the region of a couple of hundred forms of many types of virus.

w32. series, such as magistrate, Bbadtrans, happy99, SirC32 and a few others. Got the systems clean, forced a complete rethink on the network security issues, no more 98 clients (they were trashed severely). Hence all comps on W2K, can't move clients over to Linux, as some of the software, which is critical to the running of the business is proprietry Microsoft stuff, so we have to wait for the emulators to come out, hopefully on the redhat 7.2 or 7.?+ release.

In the office all weekend dealing with it, talking to many souls, such as 'mother', hi mum, i've got a virus, bloody hell you been to the doctors yet. Great !!!

I am the last person to give a thumbs up to MS, but why individuals find it neccessary to corrupt / destroy, home and business users systems, i can't really find the element of joy in !, Considering for most that MS was a begginging to the use of computers, with ms-dos, win 3 and subsequently 95, NT and so on. Possibly even the intro for the virus writers. Hence i am at a loss on this one, as no matter how strong you build your defence, the anti virus software, and network security are always chasing the latest threats.

Hence, we are going to spend big (for us) on a descent tiered system. I would rather have the money spent on building big sites, which bring in money than through money at something that brings 'only peace of mind to an extent'.

sorry about the moan chaps.

8:59 am on Dec 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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very sorry to hear your trouble, as I have been there on my own stuff, and know how you feel. Have been working on a clients network that got hit a couple days ago, took out a few machines.
11:52 am on Dec 4, 2001 (gmt 0)

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We do SEO and web design for our customers - thats all, we don't provide dial-ups, we don't sell computers.

Every time there is a blxxdy virus attack they all seem to think is our responsibilty to fox it for them.

Not that we do, unless they are prepared to pay of course.

We send out regular e-mail newsletters telling them all to get decent anti-virus protection. We keep them as informed as possible yet there are still a hardcore of *NUMPTIES* that just don't the picture.

It really "does my 'ed in"

[well if Caine can have a moan - so can I:(]

11:51 am on Dec 5, 2001 (gmt 0)

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My turn to moan...

Hackers! What are hackers? We build a security system against people who work hard at ruining our system. They are just common thieves! Who here shoplifts? Nobody, huh? I have never stolen anything in my life, simply because I know some poor bugger is going to lose money and be upset because of it. I can't understand anyone who wants to harm someone else! If someone steals from a shop, he's a dirty criminal. If a hacker steals from an e-shop, then he's a hero!!!! WHY?!!?!?!!???? He's a thief, and a bloody lazy thief because he's sat in his SWIVEL CHAIR WHILST HE'S DOING IT!!!!!!!



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