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Welcome to WebmasterWorld!

This is a guide and resource for our new members.

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Hello, and Welcome to WebmasterWorld!

My name is Hawkgirl [webmasterworld.com] and I'm the moderator of the WebmasterWorld Community Center [webmasterworld.com]. This post is designed to give new members some helpful information about WebmasterWorld.

About WebmasterWorld
We are here for members to discuss the process of doing business on the web - not to do business with one another. Think of us as part of your extended site development and process team - the people who are around when you need to bounce ideas around. We cover topics related to the design, coding, maintenance, promotion, marketing, and management of websites.

How It Works
WebmasterWorld is a community of members. We post messages in threads as a means of having discussion with one another. As of this post, there are 70 different forums [webmasterworld.com], or topic areas, at WebmasterWorld. On any given day there may be upwards of 500 active threads [webmasterworld.com] on the site.

Your Member Name
The name, or nickname, you use when you register is how we'll all get to know you. Please choose your member name carefully, because once you register, your member name can't be changed (unless you want to re-register entirely with a new member name).

Posting Guidelines
Please take a few moments to read through our Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com] (TOS), our posting guidelines [webmasterworld.com], and our guidelines on posting code at WebmasterWorld [webmasterworld.com]. These guidelines have developed over several years and are in place for the good of the community. Our moderators and administrators are here to lend a hand when needed.

When you've read enough to be comfortable with the way we do things here, it's time to start joining in the discussions. Here are a few things to know about posting.
  • To add a reply to an existing thread, you may click on either the "Post Reply" button at the top right-hand corner of a thread, or click on the "reply to this topic" link at the bottom right-hand corner of the thread.
  • To post a new topic, you may click on the "Post a New Topic" button which is found at the top right-hand corner of each forum's index.
  • To edit a post once it has gone live, simply click the "Owner Edit" icon that is under your member name next to the post. You have a limited amount of time to edit a post before it is locked.
  • You can add style codes [webmasterworld.com] to your post to enhance its readability. These codes allow you to highlight text as bold, italics, centered text, small text, bulleted lists, and other enhancements. Check the style codes [webmasterworld.com] page for more info.

    Stickymail [webmasterworld.com] is our private messaging system. You can use it to send and receive private messages from other members.

    Control Panel
    The Control Panel [webmasterworld.com] is where you can customize your user profile [webmasterworld.com], change your password [webmasterworld.com], set your preferences [webmasterworld.com], check your flagged threads [webmasterworld.com], change your time zone [webmasterworld.com], and do other administrative tasks.

    Searching WebmasterWorld
    Currently, our own site search function is disabled. However, most of WebmasterWorld is indexed in the various search engines and easily searchable with a few simple commands. (For each of the three search URLs below, simply replace "widgets" with your own search term.)

  • To search WebmasterWorld with Google:

  • To search WebmasterWorld with Yahoo!:

  • To search WebmasterWorld with BING:

    You can also add custom code to your WebmasterWorld account to integrate various search engines into your individual WebmasterWorld preferences - more information on custom code can be found here [webmasterworld.com].

    Supporters Forum
    The Supporters forum is a "private" area of the site that can only be accessed by subscribing. You can find out more about this forum by reading the Supporters Forum FAQ [webmasterworld.com] and following the links in that post.

    Forum Charters
    Each forum has its own charter [webmasterworld.com]. The forum charters list the current moderator(s), the appropriate topics for that forum, and any glossary terms or FAQs available in that forum. Please take a minute to read the charter for each forum before posting in it the first time.

    Each forum also has its own library [webmasterworld.com] of interesting and important threads. These threads are noteworthy because they are deemed by administrators and moderators of WebmasterWorld as "must reads." If you are new to WebmasterWorld, you might want to browse through the various libraries - you'll find that many of your initial questions have already been asked and answered and can be found in threads in our libraries.

    WebmasterWorld Conferences
    WebmasterWorld holds several conferences [webmasterworld.com] each year at various locations around the world. The conferences are an extension of WebmasterWorld itself - a place where webmasters can gather, hear from experts, learn from one another, network and have fun.

    Previous conference locations have included: New Orleans, Las Vegas, London, Orlando, Boston, and Irvine.

    You can read more about our conference history [webmasterworld.com], as well as check out some of our previous speakers [webmasterworld.com] and sponsors [webmasterworld.com] on our conference pages [webmasterworld.com].

    Stay tuned to the WebmasterWorld Community Center [webmasterworld.com] for future conference announcements. Also, keep an eye on the upper right-hand corner of each page - this is where conferences are announced, and newly announced exhibitors/sponsors can be found.

    Where to Start
    There's a lot of information in this post - so much that you're probably wondering, "Where do I start?" Check out some of our hottest threads, below, to get started on your tour of WebmasterWorld.

    Browser Side World
    Intro to HTML [webmasterworld.com]
    CSS Crash Course [webmasterworld.com]
    Javascript Library [webmasterworld.com]
    Flash: The Pros, The Cons, and The Solutions [webmasterworld.com]
    Flash Resource List [webmasterworld.com]

    The Webmaster World
    Stat Recognition - Not Just Data, It's Valuable Information! [webmasterworld.com]
    Content Forum Charter and Resources [webmasterworld.com]
    Stolen Content: What to Do First [webmasterworld.com]
    Shopping Carts 101 [webmasterworld.com]
    Effective Order Confirmation Emails [webmasterworld.com]
    A Guide to Apache Mod Rewrite [webmasterworld.com]
    New to Web Development - Basic Webmaster Skills [webmasterworld.com]
    Beginners Guide to Web Development [webmasterworld.com]
    Domain Names Forum Charter [webmasterworld.com]
    What is the Best Way to Leave My Day Job? [webmasterworld.com]
    What Makes a Site Valuable [webmasterworld.com]
    Mac vs. PC [webmasterworld.com]
    Starting a Web Community: Care and Feeding of a New Forum [webmasterworld.com]

    Yahoo World
    Yahoo Search Forum Library [webmasterworld.com]

    The Marketing World
    The Basics of Getting Good Backlinks [webmasterworld.com]
    Status Check: Buying Text Link Ads [webmasterworld.com]
    Does Cloaking Still Work? [webmasterworld.com]
    What to Look for in an SEO Company [webmasterworld.com]

    The Advertising World
    Advertising Sales and Affiliate Programs Charter and Definitions [webmasterworld.com]

    Google World
    Google News Forum Charter [webmasterworld.com]
    Google Library [webmasterworld.com]
    Google FAQ/Knowledge Base [webmasterworld.com]
    Google Hot Topics [webmasterworld.com]
    Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone [webmasterworld.com]
    Search Engine Optimization Defined [webmasterworld.com]
    Identifying AdWords Click Fraud [webmasterworld.com]
    Google Adsense FAQ [webmasterworld.com]
    Froogle Primer [webmasterworld.com]

    The Search Engine World
    MSN Search Cranks Up [webmasterworld.com]
    Search Engine Spider Identification [webmasterworld.com]
    Local Search Summarized [webmasterworld.com]
    European, UK & Ireland, Asia & Pacific, and Latin & South American Search Engines [webmasterworld.com]

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