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Need help with Site Search Installation

Swish E

8:53 am on Nov 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I am hoping someone can be willing to help guide me with how to get Swish-E to work, which is a site search engine. I have the thing installed. I just don't know how to pull up the "web form" now, and I am getting confused with how to spider my site.

But first, I would like to concentrate on how to get the web form to even work. It said something about putting "search.cgi" into my cgi-bin. But when I access search.cgi, it says forbidden.

Oops, can this be moved to "Perl and CGI forums" I thought I was in that category.

6:22 pm on Nov 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I'd like to update my inquiry with more information. This is an email I emailed to my host's support (they don't know how to help)

"I am trying to install a site search. Actually, it is installed fine, it compiled perfectly. It also works fine (i tested it using commands) Now I need this to work in a browser. I created a symlink to the cgi script as directed, into a folder called "search" in my home website. This file is located here:

swish.cgi (symlink)

Now, the problem is, I can't access this file from a browser. (Note, this file is not corrupted and it does work, just not through http for some reason.) Everytime I type www.example.com/search/swish.cgi, it says "forbidden". In the error log, it said the reason for this is because "option followsymlinks" is not turned on. However, I still can't get this to work even though I added that option into the htaccess file. Perhaps there is something wrong with my htaccess file?

The htaccess file is also located in:

So the problem looks like it is with apache. This is what the htaccess file looks like:

# Deny everything by default
Deny From All

# But allow just CGI script
<files swish.cgi>
Options ExecCGI
Options +FollowSymLinks
Allow From All
SetHandler cgi-script

This is according to the instructions. I followed everything exactly! It doesn't work! Maybe I have to reset apache? If anyone can offer insight, please don't hesitate! This is actually a very good site search which is why I am going through all this trouble in the first place :) Thanks in advance.

5:11 am on Nov 8, 2005 (gmt 0)

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yes, it sounds like a permission issue,

make sure
1. your cgi script are chmod to 755
2 your .htaccess looks like

order allow,deny
allow from all

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl .pm