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Google Not Crediting Link Popularity

Dmoz link among others not credited Please help



2:05 pm on May 31, 2002 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I have a site that has been on google for 10 months. In the latest index I noticed that when I do a link:www.myoldsite.com I get zero results. My page rank is also zero.

However I know for a fact dmoz and google directory is linking to me because when I type in the keywords in the search field I get all the sites linking to myoldsite.com
About 12 in total. Why is google not crediting me for these?

Also I just starting looking a pagerank to google toolbar and noticed that a page on a site had pagerank of 3 or so and yet zero links pointing to it on google. How is this possible?



11:19 pm on May 31, 2002 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hi Rudy,

Welcome to WebmasterWorld.

There are a couple of possibilities for what might be happening. First, you want to go to your site and mouseover the Google toolbar. It should show one of the following:

  • A heathly bar with some amount of green in it
  • Solid grey (not ranked by Google)
  • Solid white (a ranking of "0/10")

    If you see grey, it probably means that for some reason Google missed your site in the last crawl. (Your server may have been down).

    If you see an all white toolbar, then you may be looking at a case where a penalty was assigned.

    Remember that your backlinks won't always show. Google traditionally shows only half, and they may not be seen at all if they have a PR of 3 or less.

    So, the first place is to go back and look at the toolbar for your main page and some interior pages.

    Then, if you have questions after that point, ask them here, and someone should be able to help. :)

    Best wishes,


  • rudy

    8:17 am on Jun 1, 2002 (gmt 0)

    10+ Year Member

    Ok. The index page of myoldsite.com has a page rank of 2. Backward links equals zero.

    I had 22 new sites that got crawled and indexed for the first time but they were all crosslinked and sitting on the same server. All of these 22 new sites are Solid White(PR 0/10). Ofcourse I now know why. However all these 22 crosslinked sites are listed in google now. Unfortunately the only way to find any of them is by typing in the full url.

    So now, what do I do next? I have already removed the crosslinking from the new sites.

    I have ventured to get at least 10 more inbound links from other sites to point to myoldsite.com
    I tried to make sure all of the sites I am requesting to link to me have a pagerank of at least 3.

    So basically I have been ready in this state for a crawl as of yesterday. How heavely will I be penalized for this crosslinking.

    Since I have corrected this, will the next crawl and index list myoldsite with the appropriate link credits?
    What about the 22 new sites that were crosslinked but now kosher? If I get say 5 inbound links to each site will I be indexed and credited fairly on the next update?

    How does google treat newly indexed sites in terms of pagerank?

    I thought page rank was determined fresh from scratch on every update? Can someone elaborate on this or point me to a link on this?



    11:53 pm on Jun 3, 2002 (gmt 0)

    10+ Year Member

    Anyone? Can anyone comment if my new sites will be
    indexed properly on the next index since I have corrected
    this or can I expect this penalty to carry on for many months or longer?



    1:23 am on Jun 4, 2002 (gmt 0)

    10+ Year Member

    This has been covered several times throughout this forum. Just do a search for "google recovered" of this site from the "site search" link by the WW logo. Here is a couple popular threads:


    10:33 pm on Jun 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

    10+ Year Member

    Thanks for the links.

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