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Outgoing links and tracking hits

Do SE's count outgoing links that use dynamic tracking devices?

4:01 pm on Nov 1, 2001 (gmt 0)

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I've read that outgoing links are important as well as incoming links in deciding a site or page's link popularity. My first question is, which do you think is the most important?

My second question is also related to outgoing links. I am working on an asp site (about food) that links out to other sites related to food. However, when the user selects an external site to visit by clicking the URL, they are first brought to an asp page, which tracks the hits on that particular URL and after that, redirects the user to the external site.

Does this mean that these outgoing links won't count to search engines when they look at links on the site?

Hope this question isn't too confusing - I am not really in the know about how se's rank sites using linking in their algorithms!!

Thanks for your time,


4:59 pm on Nov 1, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi Charliek,

Inbound links are the most important without question, outbound are also a part of your website but only link to other sites that are equal to your page ranking or above and your on the right track.

If your outbound links are sitting on an HTML page to begin with it won't be a problem as the spider will see them, If it's asp then some spiders will read it regardless but others won't. To make sure you get the full benifit make your links page in html. It doesn't matter that you have a tracker in place.

5:15 pm on Nov 1, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hmmm, I thought the tracking would effect the outgoing links.

I'll try and explain this simply, although not sure how successful I'll be, as I just about understand it myself!!!

A user is on site A and clicks on a link to Site C. The user is then bounced on to another asp page on Site A, the tracking info is entered into a database and the user is then redirected to Site C.
Does this not mean that the link to Site C is actually only linking to Site A, and then re-directing?

Maybe it wouldn't effect link popularity too much but if anyone has any ideas...

5:22 pm on Nov 1, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hello charliek and welcome,

There is a post I put together in this [webmasterworld.com] discussion that pulls together other outbound link discussions weíve had. I think youíll find that helpful. Some of the discussions cover the inbound vs. outbound topic.

Youíll find many theories on this. My feeling is to try for variety within your theme and then balance. The more outgoing links you have, that are on theme, can help with the authority or your site. The more inbound, especially those with higher Google PR, the stronger your popularity. The important key for me is to stay on theme and work towards important keywords in the anchor text for links leading to my site.

I work on creating sites that participate in the Internet. They facilitate movement. Visitors are drawn to them through links from other sites and I then provide them with avenues, within the theme of their search, to continue the movement and flow. How you go about achieving this is the magic you work for your site. Obviously you donít want your visitors to leave before theyíve gotten all that your site has to offer. Thatís why the internal navigation and linking is so important. You donít want to lead them to your competitors, but you may want to lead them to relevant and complimentary information, completing their experience with you.

Please come back with your specific questions. Iím sure more folks will weigh in.

4:18 pm on Nov 2, 2001 (gmt 0)


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Charliek, let me restate your question and see if I've got it right. You have a link to otherdomain.com on your site. Rather than a straight A HREF="http://www.otherdomain.com" type of link, however, you have a link to something like HREF="countclick.asp?link=http://www.otherdomain.com".

I haven't used this approach, but I would be concerned that SEs would not pick it up, helping neither my site nor the other guy's. If you have a particular search engine of concern, and your site has been indexed by that SE, you could do a link check for otherdomain.com and see if your link appears.