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Where has normal linking gone!

Where has normal linking gone!

3:53 pm on May 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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This gets quiet funny.... I feel bad for sites starting out now. We have a site about 6 years old and times are just starting to get good. Truth is money finally caught up with the internet, where they can grab the traffic with their BIG Bucks.....

Want a good site.... Add good articles that you write, don't steal other peoples stuff, (have you ever just copied one line from a site and searched google) scary right, now you can't tell me that google doesn't keep track of when it FIRST sees this unique content, sure you might get an ok reading but be orginal.

Start small but good, PEOPLE LINK TO HELPFUL SITES

Why would i link to an adsense farm unless i was getting paid, my visitors would think that I'm an idiot for linking to a bad site.

Just remember "If you build it they will come" maybe not today or tomorrow but they will come.

I link to tiny sites with GOOD content because they have GOOD content. I give a pr 2 site a link on a pr 5 site because it was a good site and it deserves a link.

We are all scambling to be liked by google, where they love our site....but I'm scared because 5 years ago "Yahoo" was king, and if you told anyone that another pair of stanford phd students would develop a search engine to run the advertising world via the internet.....

They would have thought you where stoned, some of you might have been....

So my advice is link to the little guys, who cares if you don't get a pr transfer you still get "A LINK" ....and i'd rather have 1 million links with no pr then get stuck with my life in one search engines hands....

And whats really funny is what until the search engines look for double links, or js links and knock them from there queries and trust me they will, if google looks at the registra then they are looking at a lot we don't know of

thats why they are on top of the world. For now...

5:23 pm on May 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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>>>now you can't tell me that google doesn't keep track of when it FIRST sees this unique content

Yes, I can tell you, from personal experience, that Google can not keep track of what is the first original instance of a particular block of content. This is not conjecture, it's my personal experience.

>>>Start small but good, PEOPLE LINK TO HELPFUL SITES

No, in general, people do NOT link to helpful sites. In fact, it is a very small minority of people who link to helpful sites, but to be linked to you have to be found in the first place. If you have NO links then nobody will find your website. It is extremely bad advice to tell the novice webmaster that if they build it they will come.

That kind of advice is a disaster for any webmaster building a website with the INTENTION of making money off of it, whether she's selling seeds or explaining space travel.

>>>Just remember "If you build it they will come" maybe not today or tomorrow but they will come.

That is just plain wrong. Just because Kevin Costner tells you this in a fictional story in a movie about baseball does not make it solid business advice, or a timeless truth. There are many instances where a good product died a lonely death because of poor business promotion (betamax, delorean, etc.).

Your method of waiting five years for a PR 5 and the belated tinkle of filthy lucre may be fine for you, but waiting five years to turn a buck may not be fine for everyone else. That kind of advice would likely ruin more people than save them.

Lastly, your post is off topic for the Link Development forum. This forum is for discussing ways to develop links. It is not a venue for promoting the view that links should NOT be developed.


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