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Avoiding "duplicate content" of links pages

9:48 am on Dec 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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I've been preparing links pages for several sites of a related nature, using keyword phrases in the links and a brief descriptive paragraph - so it's about 75-80% regular text. The plan is to use almost the same content on these sites, with different page titles and a unique first paragraph top of page, and arranging the sequence and layout differently. Of course the internal site links will all be different. Reciprocal links to more sites will be added, eventually adding a second page, and there will be a slightly different mix, with some unique outbound links added to each one.

Questions: Do I need to go through all this trouble to make the pages "unique"? And how many links are really necessary to have some effect? No sense going overboard if it's not necessary - I'm throwing this in for them as a freebie.

Yesterday someone on the "email list" these same people belong to decided to put everyone on the list who wants to on a links page, to be distributed to all and put on each person's site, probably intact (a good number won't know how to change it) - for reciprocal linking purposes. Guessing, there will probably be around 40-50 who will be added. Then they will all submit that page to Google, probably within a day or two of each other.

I will be asked about adding this page to the sites I work on (the ones I've been preparing the links pages for). My thought is that this other page that will be distributed, while it would save me the work, will consist of enough duplicate content that I'd rather avoid it. Besides, I don't know how many of them will get a brainstorm and decide to submit other peoples pages (and I sure don't want anyone doing that with mine).

Am I being paranoid about this? Where exactly does the "safety zone" exist for these types of pages? Are there any guidelines for avoiding duplicate content?

11:33 am on Dec 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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we too created links pages for clients with websites of a related nature.. It has 48+ links on it ...

we then made another links page with almost exactly the same number of links..

using the right keyword phrases, tags, etc. the pages have ranked #1 and #2 on Alta and at least one ranks #2 on google. they are doing well on other SE's as well.

At first i too thought that the links were overboard.. but perhaps not so - keep the links going to relevant pages.. dont repeat the link on the page.

What bothers me is Alta's "similar page" nuking system... [and the possibility of Google doing something similar]
I dont know of any safety zone (as yet) but make sure that on (for eg) 2 dif. pages that the common links on the 2pages divided by total links per page is as close to zero as possible.

So IMHO the links that count help and the others just make your 2 pages seem unique. hope this is what you were looking for

Now if you could tell me how to get these pages into the directories.. it'd be a merry christmas indeeed!

12:58 pm on Dec 21, 2000 (gmt 0)

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>What bothers me is Alta's "similar page" nuking system

Me too, bates. And who knows when the nuking will become more widespread.

The other lady jumped on her project after reading about the value of link popularity in an article about Google. Just as well she's the one that did it, because I would NOT have included everyone, and she will - I would not have gone that route.

I've put my people on a monthly hosting and maintenance package, so I'll be selective and careful and do it over time - up to a point.

The similar page thing is what has me concerned over what they're doing, but it's not my business and as hard as it is for me to do, I'll keep my mouth shut. :)

How I do my own pages is, and I want to avoid any possible appearance of duplication. That's why I'm asking, I want to make doubly sure. I'd rather err on the side of caution.

>the pages have ranked #1 and #2

bates, are you talking about the actual links pages or the sites?