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Campaign - Order - Ad - Keyword Relationships

What are they and how do you modify existing ad/keyword associations?

7:36 pm on Mar 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

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We have one test campaign consisting of one order.
The one order consists of two ads and 20 keywords.

The Import function seems to allow either Ad uploading or Keyword uploading. (See other threads for import issues, but continuing anyway ...)

The Ad import template (Import.xls) consists of 4 columns:

ad title, ad text, display url, destination url (sic)

The Keywords import template (ImportKeywords.xls) consists of 8 columns:

Keyword, Excluded Keyword(s), Exact, Phrase, Broad, Param1, Param2, Param3 (sic)

According to the docs, Param1-3 are used for either inserting dynamic info from the query (i.e. {KEYWORD}) OR transferring similar info from old Google or Yahoo accounts, with Param1 being Destination URL, Param2 being Headline and Param3 being Description. (Display URL is not included in the ImportKeywords.xls template.)

Okay, that's the setup. Here come the questions:

1) Say I import 20 new Ads (max for the process).

How will the existing 20 keywords be "associated" and how can I modify those "associations"? If one of the Ads is disapproved, I don't want it taking all of my keywords down with it, as per the note in the Ads tab.

2) Say I import 20 new Keywords (max for the Ad process, as I'm including new Ad data for each keyword).

Will those new keywords be "associated" with the existing Ads? I'm including my old ad data from Google, including Destination URL, Headline and Description, so logically a new Ad will be created for each Keyword, and they should not be "associated" with any existing Ad as a result.

Of course, as many of us are aware, the current import process is malfunctioning*, so this is in preparation for its successful implementation.

*Currently the ImportKeyword spreadsheet is rejected if Param3 exceeds 30 characters, which is less than half of the 70 characters allowed for "ad text".

3) How are Ads and Keywords related in this system?

4) If I wish to create a campaign that uses custom Ads for each keyword, as is often suggested in a kind of "best practices" way, do I need to create 100,000 Orders each with 20 Ads "associated" 1:1 with 20 keywords? The on-the-fly insertion of visitor search phrases is less than effective for any but a retail-type site (see Amazon's ads, for example), and it restricts the ability to craft a well-defined ad.

5) Am I going to have to upload batches of Ads/Keywords that work with the template process and then manually go in and modify each of the 2M ads to include complete "ad text"? For the sake of argument, let's even go so far as to say that I only have 5,000. Still ...

Can anyone illuminate the relationships between Ads and Keywords and their respective Import templates simply?

11:01 pm on Mar 30, 2006 (gmt 0)

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And the answer is ...

There is no way to dis-"associate" Keywords from Ads.

So here is what I need to do:

- Treat Campaigns like Google Accounts.
- Treat Orders like Google Campaigns.
- Treat Ads like Google AdGroups.

It doesn't seem like there is any way to assign different Destination URLs to individual keywords "associated" with an MSN Ad, so this will cut down on the level of detail we are able to track with the MSN AdCenter as compared to AdWords.

I'm ignoring the AdCenter Params, for now, as there seems to be some discrepancy about what exactly they can be used for.

So I will convert my Google spreadsheet into one Import.xls (Ad) spreadsheet for each keyword group AND one ImportKeywords.xls (Keywords) spreadsheet for each Ad, and import them one at a time.

Max = 20 Ads per Order and 10,000 Keywords per Ad
Max Import = 20 Ads per spreadsheet and 20 Keywords per spreadsheet
Unlimited Campaigns and Orders

A bit of a bummer (and time-consumer) is that the Import spreadsheets MUST be named as Import.xls/csv for Ads and ImprtKeywords.xls/csv for the import process to accept them, so I'll need to rename each spreadsheet (stripping out my incremental naming) before importing it and then rename it back afterwards.

NOTE: Watch out for those "Reserved Terms"! Many of our keywords will be rejected because the search terms themselves will contain words MSN finds unacceptable.

This is interesting because even Google allows us to bid on such terms, even if they do not allow us to put them into the ad text. MSN hasn't realized, yet, that people who search for a certain term are probably not going to be offended by it. (i.e. if I search for "stud muffin", I'm not likely to be offended by "stud" or "muffin")

Oh well ... room for growth, I guess.