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Adcenter kept charging me!

2:12 pm on Jun 1, 2006 (gmt 0)

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So i see there is alot of problems here according to the forum, lol. Anyhow get this one. So, the company i work for deals with adwords, overture etc, and we spend quite a bit of money. So we use this cc for adcenter, and every once in a blue moon the cc will decline because adwords hit it for an amount that is bigger than the cc cap per day. so our adcenter account went down on May 19th. Yes, MAY 19TH. because the cc declined. ok, no biggie, our fault right. So somehow adcenter charged our account all the way threw the 23rd. Even though no clicks, account on hold, and even their reporting showing no clicks. So now there is a pending balance of over 1,000 dollars from some charges that popped out of thin air. pretty funny right. So, i put in an old cc number, so when it auto charges, it doesnt get our money, because half of the charges are false charges. it literally racked up over 500.00 in like 4 days, they days the account was down. Even our tracking does not record anything from them. Normally we get about 500 clicks per day from them. This is just the beginning. I have talked to over 10 reps, all who dont know anything. "well, we will get ahold of you by the end of the day". BULL****. I am done, they lost some serious revenue here. They just lost an advertiser, because they cant beef up the customer service.
2:54 pm on June 1, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Maybe AdCenter411 will look into this for you.
3:26 pm on June 1, 2006 (gmt 0)

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hi billygg,
i'm sorry you're not having a good experience with adCenter and adCenter support. we've heard from other customers who were not happy with their support experience, so we're working towards improving that with more training for the reps, etc.

as for your billing issue - i can see where that would be alarming. i haven't heard of anything too similar to what happened to you - i can look into your case and make sure it gets escalated and investigated by the development team, because we'd like to keep you as a customer.

has anyone else out there have something like this happen?


4:12 pm on June 1, 2006 (gmt 0)

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the same happened to me. sometimes the billing is so old that if your account is put on hold on May 1, it will look like you have clicks and costs accruing days later, even though the clicks came prior to the hold.

Basically, you could be billed for clicks on May 7 that took place on May 1.

Following billing is very, very difficult sometimes, especially if there is a lag in the system.

My balance jumped over 2k in two days because the billing system was "stuck"