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Summarizing our hopes, fears, and concerns succinctly

Let's try the One Line Gmail Brainstorming Game!

1:39 am on Apr 17, 2004 (gmt 0)

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I hope this doesn't run afoul of WW rules, but I thought I'd try something different here. So many of us -- especially yours truly -- have written at length (and I do mean at length) about our Gmail feelings. I thought it might be interesting to force all of us to succinctly list our BIG PICTURE Gmail hopes and fears and rebuttals into one-line bullet points (not little wishlist things, a la "I hope they let us sort in reverse chronological order..."). This may restore some lost civility, and also help us put things in perspective.

1) Don't address someone else's list (e.g., don't say "Hey, it's not true that..." or "Your fear is stupid because..."). Instead, simply include a broad rebuttal statement if accurate.
2) Don't let ANY one point exceed 80 characters :D
3) You don't have to include stuff in all sections.

Okay... here we go! I'll start with a list of what I understand to be collective hopes and fears, not just what my personal feelings are. You're welcome to do the same.

- Replaces my need for other mail software / services.
- Allows me to save time with all e-mail tasks.
- Lets me find any mail(s) easily and quickly.
- Gmail is released as soon as possible for the public.

- Content scanning for profit is unethical.
- Gmail creates slippery slope which other companies may exploit.
- Large data pool per customer encourages snooping (anti-terror, subpoenas, etc.)
- Uncertainty of what happens to data or policies in the future.
- Ads showing next to my newsletters will harm my business.

- Content scanning for profit is no different than spam/virus scanning.
- Ad targeting data is discarded after ad is shown.
- E-mail is insecure by nature anyway; Want privacy? Use encryption.
- Google has been a responsible company in the past.
- ALL terms/policies with services are "subject to change."
- Your ads will show next to others' newsletters; it all balances out.

Your turn :)

8:00 am on Apr 17, 2004 (gmt 0)

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my additions...

- google can effectively eliminate or greatly reduce spam
- google will properly market gmail for what it really is (grand monetization scheme based on your personal content) ;) ... and not just big storage/low spam/searchable email.

fear or concerns:
- ads shown for content I created are monetized without any royalties paid to me
- no way to opt-out for emails sent to gmail users from being archived or monetized
- no control of when email will actually be deleted from google's servers