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4th rebuild in 6 months?

I'm lost. I thought I knew enough to get some hits



11:01 am on Oct 16, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hiyas all,
I'm new to this site and first thing I must say is, I wish I'd found it 9 months ago!
I have a million and 4 questions but I'd better stick to 1 or 2 at a time. (the dirty dishes are waiting for me).
I'm a newbie at websites and I've now found after the 3rd attempt at building my website it looks like I'll be rebuilding it again :-( I now know I've spammed my sites keywords with 'fishing' thinking that the comma's would make a word such as (fishing, fishing boat, fly fishing) 3 seperate words not 3 fishing 1 boat and 1 fly... Oooops
It also looks like what I thought was my first paragragh, wasn't what the SE's see first, due to my tables. My file extentions for my directory are .shtml, it takes 3 clicks to get to my links not 2, my directory has the word 'links' in the url. I used mainly the same keywords in all my pages, adding just a couple of different words for each page. I've found all this out just from reading this forum.. THANKS GUYS...I Think. ;-) And I've allready submitted to the big SE's Ooops (I think you guys can guess how well I rank.
Each rebuild takes me a heck of a long time being a learning newbie.
What I would dearly like to know is if there is any possible way I can get a review before I start to rebuild it again only to find it'll need a 5th.. I'm doing this as a hobby and have already spent 3 times more than I'd expected.. :-(
Any help here would be appreciated, I enjoy playing around building the site but the head aches are starting to cause a loss of interest..
Thankyou for your time.

I'd better do them dam dishes now :-(

11:25 am on Oct 16, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Hi Feralsteve, welcome to the forums,

I dont quite no where to begin, but here goes nothing.

1. Work out all the keywords that you want to target, then brake them down into sections that are relatable. Second once you have these sections, then think about the navigational struture / directory layout, think visually for this, with the sections determining directories, then kw, kephrases, 'importance'; determing there importance either within a flat directory or 2-3 more levels that have the important at the top and the more fuzzy sporadic terms at the bottom. What you get is the index page, reinforced by relevant important sections, that are reinforced by important pages / deeper directory pages, creating an argument to the search engines about the relevance of the site.

2. Clearly define pages, cross referencing pages beyond linking, pulls the difinitivess away from the page, because you won't be thinking about unique pages but a mish mash on every page, this is a major point winner with search engines.

3. linking strategies, as important as anything else, if not more so, good for rankings in SE's and getting into them. if for example 'fishing' is the main concern of the site, then once the site is tidy and looking good, their are probably hundreds of sites out their, look in the odp with kw's, and yahoo for idea's, also look in the sports directories, for fishing related sites, publications, chat forums, and any thing else that has a high relevancy. Stay away from FFC's - general link farms.

4. re-iterating, navigation, link structure of the site is extremely important, as this will determine how changable your site is in the future, adapting, modifying and what ever else needs to be done.

hope this helps.

11:35 am on Oct 16, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Insted of cramming your pages with keywordkombinations, you can make one page for every single kombination (flyfishing.htm and boadfishing.htm)

This way you creat a lot of sidedoors to your site (you could call these pages doorway pages).
If a user searches for "fly fishing), he will find www.yourdomain.com/flyfishing.htm as the #1 entry in the SERP. Every doorway page you create must be interlinked with all the other doorway pages and your site of course, and since you only use one keyword on every page it is quite easy to get the #1 position if you are not in a high competition arear


9:45 pm on Oct 20, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Thanks caine and bufferzone,
Both your comments have been a big help and shed some light on my task.
I've made a start and see what happens :-)

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