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Fanpage and Group Warning! Any admin can now delete the Original Creator

4:46 am on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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This is off Topic it deal with Facebook, but I wanted to warn anyone with a Facebook Fanpage or Group. Please Share This!

Some people may know this, some may not.

Originally when YOU creates a Page or Group you were the creator and you could ad Admins, but they couldn't delete YOU.

Over the last few months Facebook has rolled out a change "with out warning" that now Allows Any Admin to Delete Any Admin "including the initial creator of the page/group"

I stopped posting on this site, but I felt it my duty to warn everyone.

I have a page and group and both are large. I use to account "one named after the group/page and my personal accounts". I created the page/group with my personal page.

In January "the last time i checked" when using my page named after the group I could see my personal account as an admin, but I Couldn't Delete Myself, while logged in as myself I could delete the page I create named after the group/page.

To help admin my group i made active members admins.

Today I logged into my account i named after the page/group and I could see the option to remove my personal account. I was like WTF.

So I researched and found out that over the past months Facebook has rolled out changes to page and group which basically give All Admins the same privileges, including the ability to delete the admin that made the group or made them an Admin.

You really need to look into this if you run a large group and made members admins, or you you give company, freelancers etc admin access to your page.

Also if you work with companies to edit/update you fan page "ie creating iframe app, widgets, etc".

You could give a company Admin access to your page to create a iframe tab, and they could delete you as an admin, and take your page completely.

Also if you have a page or group and gave member admin access to help monitor and clean it up, you might want to think about removing them "give them an excuse and claim Facebook now requires it".

Me personally i'am scared and don't know what option to take.

I spent thousand building the page and group "advertising".

I made active members of the community admins "11 people", and knowing that any one of them can delete all admin and control the group has me concerned.

And worst if they allow their account to get hacked the hacker with access to their account could literally take my group.

It's going to be a ticky slope for me because i personally know the admins i gave access, but i personally need protection seeing as I'm the one who create the page and paid to advertise it. Some of them might be mad and shocked after realizing they are no longer admins.

If you own a page or group you def need to look into this ASAP!
4:57 am on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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the main problem you need to worry about is hackers. you can secure/protect your account, but you can't protect/secure you admins account. One click on some FB scam, their account get's comprised and the hacker now has admin access to your page and group.

I seen one case after researching where one of the admins accounts was hacked, the hacker delete all admins and blocked them permanently, and now uses the page to spam 200k of their Fans.

i seen a story where a jealous admin after aurging with the admin create their own page, removed he as an admin and deleted the existing page.

I also seen stories where the admin gave admin access to a freelancer to ad a single app, and the free lancer removed them as admin and now owns the page.

if you own a page or group this is Urgent Action Required!
9:08 am on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Thank you CMidd for bringing this to my attention.

Gotta love Facebook and Google, they give you FREE tools to help build and grow your own successful website, (at a price of allowing them access to your data and visitors) and then they screw with the tools until you don't know why you bothered in the first place ... which is why 90% of my energies go into my site, where my rules are in play.
11:25 am on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Thank you Joe.

Nicely said and my philosophy as well....
8:32 pm on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I can see the reason why they did this - when someone leaves a company it should be possible to remove him from the companies facebook account as admin. However there should be a "superuser" account to do that and not a regular admin account.
8:52 pm on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Sorry guys (and FB, too) it seems odd that a site about people meeting people (individuals) would require ADMINS? As Robbie said to Will Robinson (many times): "This does not compute!"

YOUR (metaphorical) NAME is on the page. Why give up ANY control over YOUR NAME?

Secondary (ordinary rules of IT): NEVER GIVE MULTIPLE ACCESS to PRIMARY SYSTEMS!
10:08 pm on May 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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If Facebook were still about people meeting people, we wouldn't even have a "Facebook Marketing" forum here. Clearly that train left the station a long while ago.
7:50 pm on May 19, 2011 (gmt 0)

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that was the reason why they did they, to allow the creator who has left the company to be removed. But instead of creating a system to transfer ownership of a page, they just gave every admin the ability to delete any other admin.

Tangor: It wasn't a primary system! at first the creator was protected. Adding an Admin was similar to making someone a mod of a forum "like a brand loyalist". the owner controlled the forum but the mod could help clean up spam, and get some brownie points for being named made as admin. Same system is here on Webmaster World.
7:54 pm on May 19, 2011 (gmt 0)

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joined:Mar 5, 2011
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Side note: this is why i hate this site. very very very important info, and instead of helping share it they moved it LOL.

any post automatically has nayser, no matter the topic.

People whine, complain, but never offer solutions.

i just came here to post this in hopes of saving someone from having their Fanpage taken from them. I'm gone now! peace

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