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E commerce business.

How to startup an e commerce business from home. To make it successful from

7:51 am on Jun 30, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I am planning to start an e commerce business from home of clothing and accessories.I need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of a business owner to face in this. There are many issues when you start a new business about the scale of your business, the mass you want to attract. The start up should be on a small scale as you get the response you can grow your business according to your budget. There are many discussions on this topic but as we all know this is a very popular and profit deal if we go in a right way.
Once the concept is ready the main issue what we face is the budget and main importantly the responce we are getting from it. The main thouight in mind is how to grow this bussiness?. This is the most important and common question. I would like to know what are the ideas we can use to raise our business idea?
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- Be sure to understand laws and regulations in your sectors, and country,
- Understand that a given share of your clients will be mad, for whatever reasons more or less legitimate, but the client is king,
- Keep in mind that you'll have to process refunds (unsatisfied clients, broken or lost merchandises, etc...),
- Lot of people are certainly already doing the same as you, getting noticed, and gaining clients will be hard, terribly hard,
- Ask yourself why someone should buy from you, someone unknown, without background to check (since you are beginning), you have to make your proof, and this is more and more hard nowadays,

Are you planning to sell yourself, or will you use platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc... ?
4:35 am on July 12, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Find out if it can be done (YOUR SIDE) by starting with eBay. If you can handle that then you have a chance at the rest.

A website is nothing ... but everything else is HARD and EXPENSIVE.Payment processing along can break you. Fulfillment is the next fail. And running out of merchandise is a killer.

NOTHING IS EASY when you go commercial.

You will also need startup cash to cover all costs, goods, and shipping for at least a year, whether you sell an item or not.

Most startups (ecommerce) never reach their third month anniversary.

And if you are entering a competitive market (and clothing is certainly that!) the odds of failure increase dramatically.

As I said, start with your products on something like eBay, where all the back end stuff is already in place and you pay a bit off the sale to make the sale. If you can do well there, then you will have something to take to a bank (records, etc) and get the loan you need to fund the rest.

Else, it all comes out of your pocket before you even know if your product/story/site is even viable.