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Commission Junction impressions and CTR, hmm.

4:51 pm on Oct 25, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi, my company is a relatively new user of CJ - and in the process of trying to reconcile impression values reported by CJ to our other analytics, I noticed something odd (disclaimer: yes i know CJ impressions are whack) that makes me question the overall trustworthiness of their calculations...
Impression URLs are used to count impressions, these URLs include a vendor ID (of the related product), but not the product ID itself - meaning the browser can report an impression at a vendor level, not a product. Secondly, after calling CJ, I was told they count unique product impressions, not every product impression - using IP to track. So if I see the same product twice, that is 1 impression, not 2 as in standard impression definitions.
So, two issues here. I don't see how they can know about impressions at a product level, only at a vendor level since the impression URL does not report which product is showing. The second issue is the large one - either way, (an impression per product per user, or an impression per vendor per user) means their impression count is extremely biased since every ad impression is not counted.
Now take that into a CTR calculation. Since impression values are a lot lower than they should be (say it's even per product per user for the moment), the click thru rates are artificially higher. If I visit the page and get the same ad 10 times on 10 different pages, that is 1 impression.
So, hoping someone can help me here - I'm relatively new to ad stats, let alone affiliates, is this no big deal? Is it fairly underhanded in terms of reporting ctr? or is counting only one ad impression per person (per ad) normal?
Really appreciate any insight - not suggestion CJ is playing dirty, just trying to understand what is going on. Thanks!
7:40 pm on Oct 25, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Imps in Aff land, forget it.

If I grab a banner and a link, host the banner myself, zero imps. Get it?