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Confuse wit 2checkout (account cancelled)

No previous notice, no warning, just like that.



9:29 pm on Jan 18, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi, just wanted to share this story so other users stay alert. (This is not a complain or trying to put a bad name on the company, the intention is that you can take this in count).

- Opened an account with 2checkout years ago
- Paid my fee
- Started selling, things were fine
- Sales went down, and down... (well... it happens)
- The site was "there" like a zombie but everything set...

Today I try to set a new set of options for one of my sites, also adding 2checkout compatibility to my own CMS for the benefit of my clients and I just receive an error code while trying demo transactions, the demo error doesn't appear on any part of their site or documentation. Tried to login, nothing, "Access denied"

Opened a ticket and they tell me the account was closed due to inactivity. I know the sales went down and there was no movement but I logged on from time to time. Still, the account was closed with no prior notice, no warning, no nothing. There were US$60 there and now they are gone. The threshold for the payment was US$100 so it was impossible to get them out, I get it. Still I don't get why all of the sudden the account was closed with no warning and also the money vanished.

Inactive Accounts will be subject to an Account Maintenance Fee of $1.00 per month.

That's from some document december 2012... OK, but with US$60 you need 60 months to get to zero. That means 5 years. Still those US$60 where there last year... how come? The account was more than 6 years old but not more than 1.5 years without sales, and certainly not more than 6 months without login in.

I'll be honest, I'm not upset or anything, just "wow"... and I was adding 2checkout to my CMS so my clients could use it. Sure someone could jump and tell me "point ABC incise #123124 of their documentation says from nov2012 that accounts with no movement will be whatever.." but... still, no warning?. That's the story, keep an eye open.

I don't understand the model of business, still if I don't sell for over a month, 6 months or even a year, what costs does my intangible account generates? how can this be a reason? and how the amount of money can vanish just like that?

Confused... now you know.
Ooops, finding post like mine on other places with higher positive balance and still closed with no prior notice or warning...


9:40 pm on Jan 18, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I finally got their reply. The only reason is due inactivity for a few months. They also indicated that many policies have changed since I had an active account.

I never know that there are minimum activity requirement. However they should given me a warning before closing my account. Or they should asked me to withdraw all money before closing my account.

This is a lesson to me. This is also a warning to me. It seems that anything may happens on the Internet. This is really terrible. From now on I will not save too much money on all payment processors. This is really very danger and unsafe. I will withdraw money back to my bank account frequently. This is better to lose some transaction fee rather than losing all money in an account.

Date: 27 november 2012 [webhostingtalk.com].
That's what happened to me.
No warning, no nothing, just like that.

Lesson learned. Still not upset, no nothing,
just "meh" not even an email or simple warning... nothing.

And what's on their documentation doesn't match what happened (regarding the funds and fees). So in case you didn't now, now you do.


10:02 am on Jan 19, 2013 (gmt 0)

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It didn't happen to me yet but I am already upset and want to burn their office in your behalf :-)


4:39 pm on Jan 19, 2013 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 5+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

Thanks oliondor!. I opened a ticket and didn't answer the questions, just said "account inactivity", also sent them the quotes of their own documents and stating that the case doesn't match their documentation, their actions contradict their documents... No answer. 3 tries. No answer.



3:42 am on Feb 15, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Well good news, there is light.

After no activity on the support ticket I received an answer now confirming there was money there. I tried to discuss the contradiction between reality and the updated written policies and terms of use but no luck. I discussed point by point but all of that was dismissed and the answer focused only on reapplying to reactivate the account or sending me the money.

This time it wasn't like before (delayed) this time the response was quick and after confirming this and that they told me were going to send a cheque with the right amount and nothing was lost.

Today I got my cheque by mail, problem solved. Thanks 2checkout for the follow up. Sadly as I posted, the contradictions were not addressed and my account is deactivated due to "inactivity". Well, there you got it.

Mods: I can't edit the title or the first post. If possible this thread should include "[solved]" because direct contact worked as a solution to the problem. I will appreciate the change if possible. Thanks!

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