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What would be the right marketing strategy?

12:06 am on Nov 19, 2012 (gmt 0)

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I have a domain name and I created a few sub-domains from it. So it's kinda like this:


The idea is that each of them would be a totally different site with a totally different product. But all under an umbrella of the same company. I kinda want to interconnect all the sites together. I was thinking I would create a kinda "free advertisement" for my sites this way. Like if a potential customer is looking for product A and gets to site A and then he sees the ad for site B with a product B and goes to a site B to buy product B etc.
And I have a few questions or dilemmas to solve.
1) Yeah, on one hand it's cheaper and easier to manage a structure of a few sites together, but how to brand those 3 sites...To try to distinguish them one from another or to try to find a common denominator and to show clearly that all sites belong to the same master or the same source?
2) From a standpoint of visual branding...It's not clear whether I should create a separate logos for instance or not etc. Like how much of a common branding should be in those site that reside on the same domain, but sell totally different things?
3) That kinda "cross-advertisement"...Wouldn't it be a potential distraction for a potential client?
4) Wouldn't it create a wrong impression in client's mind that since you can't be a master in a few areas all at once, then it's probably not a worthy place, since the owner is kinda a "master of none"?

Well, there's always a way to TOTALLY separate (disassociate) all 3 sites from each other. Like to just put all 3 on a totally different domains with a totally different contact infos etc.
10:51 pm on Nov 22, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Have you looked into something like Magento's multi store manager? You can manage multiple websites from one backend.

Branding three entirely separate stores under one domain name seems very atypical. Branding a subsection of a store maybe, but an entirley different store seems pretty contradictory.