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Mysterious merchant charges?


2:39 am on Feb 14, 2008 (gmt 0)

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I have my merchant account/payment gateway through MerchantPlus (www dot merchantplus dot com). My payment gateway is authorize.net. The following SHOULD be all the charges associated with accepting credit cards, at least for my plan:

Authorize.net $9.95 flat fee per month
Authorize.net $0.05 per transaction (first 250 free)

Visa/MC - 2.15% discount rate
AMEX/DISC - Unknown discount rate
Merchant Account - $19.95 flat fee per month
Merchant Account - $0.25 per transaction

Ok, now I've figured out where those charges all show up on my credit card.

The authorize.net charges are very clear and easy to see, no mystery there. My Visa/MC discount rate is deducted before money is deposited into my checking account. Now, here's where it gets fuzzy:

I get a charge on my bank account called "BANKCARD MTOT DISC". Last month it was $26.56. This should include the 19.95 merch account monthly fee, as well as the 25cents transaction fee. Last month I had only 6 transactions. SO WHAT IS THE REST OF THE CHARGE FROM?

It's DEFINITELY not an authorize.net charge. It's definitely not Visa/MC discount rate. It's definitely not a Discover/Amex discount rate fee (I had no discover or amex transactions for this period). It's not a discover or amex flat fee, that shows up as a different charge. And it already includes the 25cent transaction fee and $19.95 monthly fee.

So where does the last ~$5 come from?

I'll be calling merchantplus tomorrow to sort this out, but thought I would ask you all.


4:31 am on Feb 16, 2008 (gmt 0)

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My Visa/MC discount rate is deducted before money is deposited into my checking account.

Ask them to stop doing that and instead take their fees out in a lump sum once each month.

That is, unless you like wasting time reconciling your checking account deposits against your sales figures.

9:00 pm on Feb 16, 2008 (gmt 0)

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It could have been a mid-qualified or non-qualified transaction.

Usually these are itemized on your statement.


12:50 am on Feb 18, 2008 (gmt 0)

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>AMEX/DISC - Unknown discount rate

Doubt you are getting less than 2.99% for AMEX.

Corey could well be right.

Or it's $.05 AVS fees plus.. Watts surcharge of $.05.. and on and on. Problem with these kinds of merchant providers is that the processing fee percentage is generally the least important fee, it's the other charges that mount up.

2.15% is pretty good for internet business. They have to get their profit somehow..