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Ecommerce, mail order and Retail Store Software

POS Software Retail and Mail Order

2:20 am on Feb 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Point of Sale Search for software.
Business Description:
2 retail clothing stores in the same town connected with a wireless bridge. Est. 1914
mail order via a printed catalog est. 1949 and website est-1996. ecommerce and brick & mortor (Click and Mortor)
Business solution / software wanted: An integrated POS solution which will run the stores sales (cash registers)(computerized inventory) and process mail and web orders... From one central data base. (real time inventory management)

More specificly:

We would like a product / customer / shoping cart database for store and web sales. Real time (live for web and inhouse searches). Our entire product inventory: in stock, on order, on order showing 'committed' for a mail order (available and not available). Web orders and store sales at the registers would use the same (one) inventory data base. (updating after a sale or checked in product)

Provideing search answers to: Is it in stock? What is the status of my order?

Customers should be able to check their order status on the site. What is the status of my order?
And they should be able to search our inventory database from our web site.
Searching our entire product line.

Accounting included is not neccesary but is very desireable.

If an item is ordered that we are out of, the system should look for 'on order' purchase orders and tie to the PO with a mail order Number. If the item is not on order the system should start a suggested purchase order for the appropriate product and vender and mark the item with the mail order number needing the item.

So, Front end and back end (shipping) mail order, ecommerce cart, along with retail store POS software and a general ledger accounting.

And two desireble quiry reports are: 1. Stock split lists between the two stores regarding same items shared inventory. 2. When freight is checked in or a mail order return is checked back into stock, the system should search mail orders to see if any need the said product.

It would be fantastic if the web cart could populate its own colors, sizes, gender, ... options from the inventory data. And, if individual items (not a general cart setting) could be flagged as a discontinued item. So, when the last size medium is sold, the size choice would be eliminated for the next cart shopper.

3:33 am on Feb 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

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got $15,000? in which case you can get a pretty decent patch from your in store inventory POS software to a "top of the line" ecommerce solution that is integrated with your realtime inventory

good luck with that

7:55 pm on Feb 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I reccomend looking at Filemaker. A customizable powerhouse database program with full integration capabilities from POS - web -inventory. I have been using it for 12 years. Mostly because I could not find an out of the box solution that had all fields exportable and usable for custom reports. It wasn't until I hired an IT person that I really became impressed with the programs (and her) capabilities.
6:59 pm on Feb 19, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Two packages to checkout would be StoneEdge and Dydacomp. StoneEdge is not really an integrated cart, but has integration with numerous cart platforms. It also handles POS for the B&M stores. I'm not familiar with Dydacomp, but their Mail Order Manager software I know is used by many e-commerce stores.
9:12 am on Feb 28, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Actinic also do EPoS so could be worth looking at

we built a website for a local company who wanted their POS tied in with the website - the POS provider was a nightmare to work with but we got it done - the web side of things was easy