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Video Games Copyright

2:01 pm on Mar 10, 2008 (gmt 0)

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I want to make video from video games.I mean I'll play game on my computer, and I will make video from that game.

Than I'll upload it on youtube, with my affiliate link.

Is that illegal?
Is it possible to have copyright problems?

Thank you in advance.

3:12 pm on Mar 11, 2008 (gmt 0)

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You would need to read the copyright statement issued by the game's creator/distributor. If you cannot find an answer, the next thing to do will be to contact the creator/distributor and ask.

Yours is an interesting question. Perhaps it's one to which there are many clear answers, but I'm not aware of them, which only goes to show my lack of insight into such things.

One the one hand, I can quite logically see why the game's creators/distributors might consider that what you want to do is a copyright infringement. On the other hand, you will be showing to the world your own participation in the game. And if you choose to show to others what you do in your own life, then how can that be subject to anyone's copyright?

The latter supposition is somewhat simplistic, I know, but if you were to make a video of you watching a dvd, and then broadcast this new film to the world, would that be an infringement of copyright?

I suppose the answer would be determined by your intentions - what the purpose of the video is. If it's to show your own involvement in the game - and the footage actually shows you playing the game - then perhaps it's something the makers won't have a problem with.

Regardless, I don't know the answer and can only suggest you ask the the creators/distributors.


6:10 pm on Mar 12, 2008 (gmt 0)

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What is your intention? Are these reviews of the games? Specific play techniques or hacks?

Go to uspto.gov or your country's copyright authority and read-up on fair use. It is generally acceptable to use a limited amount of material, for example, in a review.

6:15 pm on Mar 17, 2008 (gmt 0)

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It really depends on what you are gonna do with the video... If you are going to sell it, then you might have issues...

But if you're just going to upload it to youtube you should be fine.

Again it all boils down to fair use and damages...

Look at how many people are making game reviews online, making videos using games like halo fr the animation - there is a series call red and blue I think where all the animation is just players in halo walking around and talking.

So, I HIGHLY doubt you will run into any problems with using a game like how you want. Adding an affiliate link to you video is fine.

6:19 pm on Mar 17, 2008 (gmt 0)

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My understanding is that if you video the game from a camera as you play... like an over the shoulder shot. Then you are ok, If you are using a series of screenshots or video that the game allows you to make and exports for you then you should have to look at the copyright for those screenshots/video as you will not be creating "new" material yourself but copying material the game provides.

Just take all your own original video and you should be fine.

9:06 pm on Mar 17, 2008 (gmt 0)

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After thinking about this some more I would point out that a bunch of people are using games to do animation for stories and characters unrelated to the game.

A great example of this is "Red Vs Blue" They use the Halo game to make small "tv" styled shows in a series.

Not only has Halo embraced this they promote it, they have built in game features to accommodate this behavior. When "Red Vs Blue" started they had no contact with the game makers but now they are seemingly intertwined. Since "Red Vs Blue" many others have used this method to create original content.

The one thing I remember about this going bad was a bunch of fans built a "Warcraft" type movie using this method and the game makers blocked attempts to profit from it by making a full DVD for sale. At first they were going to allow it but things fell apart. I do know they weren't able to stop the video from being viewed or anything like that... they just can't go commercial with it so it stays as a stable video on the net.

10:19 am on Mar 20, 2008 (gmt 0)

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It depends on the company that make the game and what you are intending to do with the content.

If you search youtube you will find loads of video game recordings, "how to beat x boss or whatever" "reviews" "recordings of competetive online matches".

As demaestro says companies like bungie and blizzard embrace this kind of thing and often offer tools to create unique content using the game engine.

I honestly cant see a problem with you doing what everyone else is. The 1st thing i would do though is check with the games community see what others are doing.


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