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Upgrading a heavily modded phpBB board

Are there easier and less time consuming ways?

8:18 am on Jan 4, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I have a rather heavily modded forum hence have put off fully upgrading to the latest versions (its still on 2.0.18!)

I really should get round to it now that 22 is out but am not looking forward to spending a day tweaking it back up again especially since my internet connection is terrible on a good day.

Any tips or ways round completely deleting all the folders and re-uploading it all from scratch then applying the mods?

4:11 am on Jan 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Look at the change log. You can save a backup, upgrade, then change only the pages effected by the change, then upload/over-write the ones NOT effected.

Only rapid way I know.

9:20 am on Jan 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Its not exactly as easy as that Mthiessen, the changes between 2.0.18 and 2.0.19 were too extensive and many mods themselves needed upgrades.

I hope you did the following...

A) Kept a copy of the phpbb forum version you installed.

B) Kept a copy of all the mods you installed including a copy of the "how to add this mod" page if it wasn't included in the download.

C) Kept a list of the order in which you installed the mods.

D) Kept a list of the changes you made yourself along the way.

E) kept backups of the database both via MySql and via the acp of your forums.

If you did good for you! Many people break the cardinal rule of not keeping backups before making changes.

For your situation I recommend one of two options.

Option #1 - make backups of both your database (via your host or phpMyAdmin) and post data (via the acp). uninstall the mods one by one in the reverse order you installed them in including any changes you made on your own. Upgrade the forum to 2.0.22. Install the NEWEST version of the mods you originaly installed and if done right you will be set.

Option #2 - wait for Olympus to get out of Beta, its a whole new type of forum and the mods you have now will not work without being changed again. You'll have to un-install again, use the upgrade to Olympus (phpbb3) package phpbb group will undoubtedly provide and then you'll need to decide what new mods you want from the suddenly smaller list available.

I dont know which mods you have but your first step should be to see if the mods themselves have updates for 2.0.18 to 2.0.19 or later. Sorry for the news but 2.0.18 to 2.0.19 was a biggy.

10:48 am on Jan 8, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Do a test of your latest version of the forum at a test site. If you do not have a test site then try to test at your current site e.g. if your forum is located at www.buksida.com/forum then you should try the latest version at buksida.com/forumtest/ . If everything is okay, then it is safe to update your actual forum.
2:17 am on Jan 9, 2007 (gmt 0)

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The first tip is never fall behind. ;) The longer you leave it, the worse the job is. Second tip is to use the update-as-a-mod version published for each update on the phpBB site. Using the mod will allow you to do the update manually, via search and replace. You will have to do each mod in turn, manually, for each version number change.

If you do fall behind, sometimes it becomes quicker to download the vanilla version of the latest version and reapply all your mods - in otherwise, start from scratch. This is much easier if you have kept documentation about the mods applied to your forum.