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Apache Server Does Not Work Over Network

apache server dmzhosting portforwarding router

7:11 am on May 15, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hello good sirs!

I am trying to make a webservice using apache.

In my browser, from my other computer using the same router, if I enter local ip address, (192.168...) I receive the response back right away.

But once I used the actual IP, shared by router, problem occured.

First, I tried to forward the port 80 and 443 to that computer.

I used
canyouseeme.org to test my ip, and
ipfingerprints.com told me that my port 80~88 was "filtered"

So I went to the router settings, and set my computer to DMZ hosting ( because my understanding of enabling DMZ hosting means opening all ports and forward everything to this machine).

Then, I retested with ipfingerprints.com,
I got "filtered" for port 80, and "closed" for 81~88

Then I did some more googling to find out why,
and someone said that some ISP don't like people using port 80, so I changed my port in apache to be listening to port 65000.

So if I type netstat -a in my ubuntu,

one line that i get is
tcp 0 0 *:65000 *:* LISTEN

and my understanding says that this machine is listening to that port.

Also, ipfingerprints.com told me that that port is "OPEN"

But this is the real problem.

When I tried 192.168....:65000 from my other computer,
it works (I get webpage It works! from apache).

But when I tried router IP (the IP that I get from "curl [ipecho.net...] with port 65000, it does not work.

Save this poor life from misery :Q