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Bug Tracking Failing for Large Google & Facebook

5:45 pm on Jul 2, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi. I use an army of bug tracking and denial plug ins to stop my surfing from being tracked by Websites. I've noticed in the last few weeks, since updating to the latest version of Firefox (I don't use Chrome for obvious reasons, except for testing) that hardcore peeps like Google and Facebook no longer register on the radar of the battalion of plug ins I use to keep track of the trackers and their bugs.

Have we gone into another escalation of the Cold War between users and trackers where they've gained new weapons in their arms race to forcibly monitor the online activities of users.

A few weeks ago, when I would go on Google and conduct a search, several alerts would be registered from the various plug ins I use. Now, I only get notifications about Analytics on third-party Websites. On Facebook, a major tracker and source of abuse of user privacy, there are no notifications either, and I can see the stupid ads I had blocked for years.

Not an expert in that area, but want to know, what is the next stage of this ongoing arms race and am I being paranoid or am on to something with a new generation of Web bugs from the online majors. If so, what tools still work. How can protect my privacy? Nothing to hide, but not interested in being tracked over countless of nameless sites.

Thank you
7:31 pm on July 2, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I have been working on the next stage for some time. I think rather than try to prevent these trackers from loading in a browser, that a better solution is to give them what they what, and slam them. Imagine loading Analytics into a browser, and 100 different random proxies with fake browser properties send their own info. Or click on an AdSense ad and dozens of proxies make the same click.

Your privacy would be protected, because who could tell you apart from the fake requests. It also renders these services useless. Get enough people involved and they might as well shut down their tracking operations altogether.