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FTP won't open certain folders

Too many images?

9:01 am on Jan 24, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Hi all,

I recently redesigned a site for a customer who has an online ecommerce site.

He now has a database driven site, with over 2,000 products. 75% of them products require "sample" files as well as images of the product. I have the site setup similarly to this:


images (2.3Mb total with 113 files in folder).
images/products (23.7Mb total with 2092 files in folder).
images/products/thumbs (3.8Mb total with 1025 files in folder).
samples (2.2Gb total with 3,214 files in folder).

As you can see the samples folder contains a lot of files and is 2.2Gb in size!. Now I can use ws_ftp to connect to the site, and browse more or less all the folders, however if I try to browse to html_root/images/products, html_root/images/products/thumbs or html_root/samples, then it takes ages to "think" about it and displays an empty folder (and I know it's not as the webpage displays the product info / images / samples.

This however means the client can no longer open the folder to upload further product images / samples etc!

Now I don't know what to do with regards to this, and would like some advice on what to do? I have spoken to my host and they say I am right, the FTP server is timing out whilst it trys to list the directory, due to the size of files, qty of files etc.

What can anyone suggest?

Cheers guys

11:26 am on Jan 24, 2008 (gmt 0)

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There's a setting somewhere deep in the bowels of the server configuration that limits the number of files to be displayed in directory listings in an FTP program. I ran into that a couple of years ago -- in my case, my ftp program would list up to 4,000 files, but no more. This might be the case for you, and you're simply getting a slightly different response in your ftp program (i.e., timing out instead of a partial file listing).

It was a VPS, so I was able to change the setting and see all my files. If you're on shared hosting, I don't know if that's something they would be willing to change for you.

Or it might be exactly what it looks like -- a simple timeout when your program attempts to get the entire directory listing. Have you tried any other ftp programs to see if you can get the actual directory listing?

9:51 am on Jan 25, 2008 (gmt 0)

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I am currently using ws_ftp as the client.

I was thinking of moving all the images into seperate folders like so

html_root/images/products/00000 (contains imgs for 1st 1000 products)
html_root/images/products/01000 (contains imgs for 2nd 1000 products)
html_root/images/products/02000 (contains imgs for 3rd 1000 products)
html_root/images/products/03000 (contains imgs for 4th 1000 products)
html_root/images/products/04000 (contains imgs for 5th 1000 products)


I was then thinking of using .htaccess to take each request for images in the original html_root/images/products/ folder and use a php script to 'serve' that image. This would work in the following:-

requested file:-

.htaccess takes the request and passes info on to following script:-

The php script would look at the product_id, look in the relevant folder for it, and the read the file before outputting it (don't know how to do this regarding headers etc).

Can anyone see a problem with doing it this way?

If I have a page which displays 20 products per page, will this cause issues (1.5kb for each thumbnail, requested 20 times = much additional server load?).

Cheers guys!

3:51 pm on Jan 26, 2008 (gmt 0)

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