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CakePHP question

will I be able to use it?

11:34 am on Mar 13, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Question for CakePHP users.

I have just had a large site developed for me in CakePHP and would like to take over the basic maintenance of it myself.

I know nothing about the package - looked at the product website but not really any wiser - I was hoping it would be a kind of WYSIWYG but it seems not.

I have quite a good knowledge of basic PHP and programming but NOT OO php

Will that be enough to cope with a CakePHP site or will I need to get someone else?

Also - I have a windows XP PC and a remote Linux box with mysql and php. Can I install it and develop on my Linux box or do I need to install apache, php then cakephp on my PC then upload the code to the Linux box?

Sorry for the basic questions but never had any exposure to this before,

7:50 pm on Mar 13, 2013 (gmt 0)

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If you copy everything in the folder where the cakephp site you should be good to go. But you do need to install apache, mysql and maybe phpmyadmin on windows or linux. There's few easy installer that will do everything for you like easyphp, xampp, wamp and much more.. For cakePHP you surely need a little time to learn how the framework is working but it's not wysiswyg at all.
4:31 pm on Mar 16, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I have done a little development with cakePHP back in 2008 and my impression is that it should make the job of website development easier not harder. It is designed for those who want to code a website rather than a framework like Wordpress or Drupal where a site can be developed more through a user interface. In cakePHP, you have an app dir where you put your customizations. These include code you write for views, controllers, models, etc. This code leverages off the base classes that are already provided by cakePHP. The final product is probably more customizable with cakePHP, but harder to arrive at than with Wordpress or Drupal. You can do development on either PC or Linux. By remote Linux box, if you only mean you have shell access, it's probably easier to do development on your PC. If you have ftp access, you could do development either place. I wouldn't recommend doing development on the live site if that's what you have on your Linux Box.